Fans to Walk Abouts Including Trees

You all know by now that I am all
about using items in different ways~
I think that is called up cycling.
I saw this on Pinterest the 
other day and thought, wow, how 
cool. The side rails for a baby bed.

Temps have been moving 
on into the "HEAT" section
of my porch thermometer!

I keep fans in my room upstairs
and a guest room. I had an older
box fan on the deck.
But took the older box fan to the 
barn to hang in Misfires
stall to run at night. 
HAHA...that in itself is a funny
story. But anyway, I brought the one
from the guest room down.
It's like this one.

I thought with it sitting up higher 
it would do a great job but
it was not even doing the trick.

So off to Wally World I went for another
box fan...and I love the colors!
Yep, got a purple one!

The one I took from the deck to take
to Misfire was older but worked great.
Weeks ago I pulled up the barn, unloaded it
then I noticed Chris' son in the pasture 
unloading stuff from his truck to the burn
pile. I knew I would have to move so
he could get out so I jumped in the 
car and CRACK...yes, I did, I 
ran over the fan. At which point the 
next day I went to Wally World and 
got Misfire a new fan...
Yep, she got purple too!

Anyway, even with both fans on the deck
going come about 11 or 11:30
I have to move inside. It has been 
getting just way too hot for me.
Shortly after that, I make Lily come
in also until around 6 in the evening.

The other day while cat feeding at
my brothers I snapped this pic of 
his yard art. I then said something about
it not being near as cool as the other 
tree. Sandra then asked about the other
tree. I failed to snap any pics of it since
this time of yr it is hard to get a
good one since the leaves have all
come upon the tree. 

So I went into my pics and pulled
out some other pics to share.
This is one after the leaves have 
come out, but if you look
closely you can see the Tonka 
trucks in the tree.

Here is some views without all the 
leaves. There are about 5 maybe
6 up in there. 

Like me, Mark visits Goodwill. He
picked up these trucks there and 
this is where they go.

I have several Tonka trucks in 
my shed but they are the metal, I think 
all Marks are plastic, and mine 
belong to my son from when he
was a boy. I thought about using them in
the garden but decided against it so 
they will not rust. 

A pop of color has appeared in 
the Crepe Myrtle bush just outside
the deck. I planted this by in either 96 or
97. I got a couple from a friend of
mine I worked with. Gave one to my 
neighbor and I kept one. They were 
sprout ups from Michelle's trees. In 1998
Michelle lost both her trees to the 
tornadoes that hit Nashville.

At least I know I will get 3
tomatoes off my plant. I thought
they would never turn. The other plant, 
the Purple Cherokee seems to
get blooms then they fall off. 

If you have never had a Purple 
Cherokee tomato you don't know
what you are missing.
UGLIEST tomato I ever saw but 
the taste is amazing!

Every morning before the heat sets in
Dakota and I do our morning
"walk about".
Here is a shot of us starting out 
yesterday, he looks like he is in 
a hurry and has gotten ahead of me.

I asked my friends on FB to 
help me give my home a name.
they all came up with some great 
names but I think I am leaning
towards~ The Whimsical Cottage 
or maybe Whimsical Whimsy or 
The Whimsical Way.
The first came from a friend
in Wyoming and the last two
are mine.
What do you think?

Just a reminder~ be kind cause you never
know what someone else might be
dealing with.

Do you suffer from anything that makes
your days hard to get things done?
My pantry is still in the middle
of the kitchen floor. Need to work on 
that today if I can.


Sandra said…
my vote is for Whimsical Way, love that one and it fits... Whimsy Way is good. I have never seen a shoe tree or a truck tree and now I have. this morning I saw a new fan at the YMCA, beside the pool, the instructor gets hot. it was just like yours but Aqua and I wondered where she got it. now I know that to.... when it is this hot I don't go out, color me AC HUGGER LOVER
Sandee said…
I love that find on Pinterest. I think that would be great side rails on a babies bed. Or a million other places too.

Yes, we tend to not notice all the things we do until we can't do them anymore.

Have a fabulous day, Pam. ♥
Darla M Sands said…
Running over the fan sounds like something I would do. ~grin~ Wish it were cooler for all of us. Oh, well. I'm like Sandra. Be well, my dear.
Sally said…
It was hotter than HOT Monday when I worked in the yard. Sure was glad to get that over with.

I really like the baby crib idea. So cute.

Brian said…
We love how you use thing, so very creative and we always love your photos!
Ann Thompson said…
I love the crib rail idea. I even have an old crib in my crawl space.
Running over the fan sounds like something I would do
Christine said…
I am terrible at naming things sorry. Your brother is creative like you! That crib rail is amazing, perfect for the time of year.
Liz A. said…
So, he decorates trees not-for-Christmas. Too funny.

I don't have an opinion on names. Maybe just The Whimsical. I have enough trouble naming my blog posts...
Such a cute post, Pam. I love that you bought a fan for Misfire. Sorry about the back up accident! I'm sure he appreciates it! I like Whimsical Way. Has a nice ring to it. Love the trucks in the tree. Take care. I hope your evening is pain free. I have arthritis that flares and really is painful. So when a good day comes, I'm thankful. ♥
I too like the sound of Whimsical Way …
It may only be three tomatoes so far, but they do look good.

Take Care

All the best Jan
Rhodesia said…
Interesting. Take care Diane
Jeanie said…
I think I'd just name it Whimsy. I'm going to Whimsy for the weekend. Or headed back home to Whimsy. But that's just me.

Meanwhile, love it all and especially those trucks on the tree. Thanks for coming over. I'm catching up and hope to be by all of yours within the next day or two!

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