Not Much of Anything But A Lot of This

Wishing the world would wake every
morning and think that they
are going to do this!

Scrolling on FB the other day
and I saw this.
What would you let go of?

BBQ Sauce would be my first thing
to say good bye too.

One day last week I decided to paint
something fast and simple
I saw on Pinterest.

My daughter in law loves

Thought I would give this style
of painting a try.

Who remembers these?

Course they look a lot better these days
then those large plastic ones
everyone had. Mom had a set hanging
in her dining room for so long.

Saturday morning Jeanna had relatives
in from out of town, Tim was out of town 
and Brenda had to work so I took over
Jeanna's morning at the barn.
They have hay and grass in the pasture
so I did not have to feed, I just had 
to go let them all out. 

I also agreed so that Jeanna did not
have to pull away from her family
to feed Sat. evening. Here are the babes
waiting for me to bring them in. 

In the above pic, that is Misfire straight
up from the wild turkey.

Yes, these critters know there is feed 
put out so they come every evening to
eat with the pigs. 

This is at my friend Chris' place. He works
in his spare time repairing small engines like
weedeaters and mowers. 
There are a lot of mowers just sitting
around, ones that can't be fixed and need
to scraped. 

See the large puddle at the bottom of 
the pic, we keep that filled for the pigs.

Mom gave me her first set of cake pans
and a pie tin. 
I don't need them for cooking but
I wanted to do something with them.
E6000 glue and I have this to sit
on the table. 
The glue will not hurt the pans and 
I can take this apart anytime. 
I had to laugh trying to get this 
together cause mom's pans were

Where my daughter lives she has a front
deck and a back deck, both are really nice
and both are covered. 
She moved there in Dec. and loves it.
She has been looking for a table for 
one of the decks and I found this one 
at Goodwill yesterday.

Took her a pic and sent it to her asking if
she wanted. For that price of course.
So this is what a mom does when
she drives a Prius and her daughter wants
an outdoor table!

I sure do miss driving a truck!

And here I am beebopping down the road
with a table in the back of the car!
Now to locate a dresser for the boys room!

I decided yesterday since I had a tad more
energy that I needed to get out and away
from the house....
I debated on the Zoo but decided that
since I was lacking that get up and go you
need to walk around the Zoo that I would 
mark that off my list. I decided a movie instead.

I don't go to the movies often, not unless it is
really something I want to see. Last month
I wanted to see Book Club and I really enjoyed
that and this month was
Oceans Eight.
I love Sandra Bullock. 
Course it was a spur of the moment
thing so I packed up and went, alone.
I have NO ISSUES doing that or going out
to eat alone. I also really enjoyed the movie.
Sandra at her best!

And with that said about not going to the 
movies often, I already have one 
picked out for next month!

YEP....this is a must!
Saw the first one.
Love Meryl Streep!
And Cher will be in this one as
the soon to be great grandma!

Keep this up and I might make movies
a once a month thing.....of course
if I really wish to see something!

I went to the 12:30 showing yesterday for 11 bucks.
But had I waited for the 3:30 showing it would have
been almost 15.  I watched families going in as
I was leaving and wondering to myself
how they afford it. Crazy. 

Speaking of which, do we have a shortage
of cows in the US?
Beef prices are out the roof!

I will leave you with that question.
Hop over and check out the fur babes today.


Sally said…
I always enjoy seeing/hearing what's on your mind, Pam. That was a great find for your daughter, and I had to laugh about you driving with it in your car. I've done things like that too. :)

Not a movie person, really. And, I have to say that I didn't enjoy the first Mama Mia. Maybe the newer one will be better, at least for me. lol

I like Sandra Bullock also; she's a great actress. I'm glad you felt well enough to enjoy the weekend!

Sandee said…
I'd let the BBQ sauce go too. We do dry rub here so don't need the sauce.

Love the table. You got it done and that's a good thing.

I love Sandra Bullock too. Beautiful as well as talented.

Have a fabulous day. Scritches to the babies. 3
Sandra said…
Streep is our favorite female actor. we love Sandra also... there are a lot of good actors in the movie you saw.. only 2 that I don't recognize, I would have no problem going to the movie or eating alone, but I rather watch at home. what I would do is rent it off Prime. bob will not let me. I prefer watching without a bra.. LOL and very little clothing and bare feet... and no one talking or moving around... there are 2 or 3 I would like to see on Prime but they are not free with prime.
Darla M Sands said…
You're such a sweetheart. ~hugs~ Always doing for others. When my husband traveled for work years ago I would treat myself to a movie and nice dinner sometimes. A few years ago I went by myself to one of those places where you paint and sip wine (or in the case of this Saturday morning, mimosas ~grin~). All the other gals there in pairs or groups must have thought me nuts but I wanted to try painting without any real investment of time or money. I'm on the walkout basement back patio as I type. Our main floor deck needs replaced. We had fellows out this morning for an estimate. I hope it's not too terribly expensive. Be well!
Well I think for me the first thing to go would be the ketchup. But then my 2 year old grandgirl would cry if Nana had no ketchup. That little gal loves it! I too like Sandra Bullock. She was really good in the latest movie "Wonder". Great deal on that table too and girl, that cracked me up in the back of your car. This would be something that I would do too! My husband would have a stroke! LOL! Looks like you've had a great weekend. I admire you for going to movies or out to eat alone. I have a friend that is single and she refuses to go anywhere alone except to the grocery store. She isn't afraid but she says she just can't do it, especially out to eat. Then I have an older friend that LOVES going places alone. So funny what you get used too. Hugs and blessings, Cindy
Christine said…
Having a van is really convenient at all stages of life.
Rhodesia said…
The hot sauce is the one which would definitely stay, love hot stuff :-) Cheers Diane
Ann Thompson said…
Hot sauce would be the one to go for me. I remember having this big forks and spoons in our house. I need to start finding things to do besides sitting in the house by myself.
Brian said…
Very cool stuff! ON that first question, we'll skip the Hot Sauce, it burns the tongue!
I'm not a cinema go-er but Oceans 8 has got a very good cast!
Lovely to see the critters and all of your photographs.

All the best Jan
Red Rose Alley said…
I think I'd let the barbecue sauce go first. I think that's great that you just pick up and go see a movie when you want. Yes, been wanting to see Mama Mia too. Your crafting projects are always whimsical and cute, Pam. And I noticed your new blog name - I think it goes well with your photos and writing. : )

NanaDiana said…
LOL- OH MY--Haven't we all crammed more in our car than anyone ever thought we could?! LOL I hardly ever go to movies but wait until they come out on Netflix or Prime.
You always do such fun projects (especially the whimsical ones).
Have a great night- Diana
Liz A. said…
If one has to go? I think I could eliminate three and be just fine ;)

Love the cake pans. Great idea.

I used to go to the movies by myself all the time. But lately there haven't been any movies I've really wanted to see. I like your movie choices, but I'd want to knit while watching them...

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