This to That and Back

I have decided that this coming
trip to see my son is going to be
a no luggage check type of trip.
So with that I debated on taking
one of my Nikon's or not.

Not has won out for more than one
1. I just don't want to keep up with 
2. I misplaced (nothing new) my battery

So with an up coming wedding I went 
ahead and ordered one from Amazon.
When it gets here, I will probably locate 
the older one and it will probably be
right out in the open.

While ordering the battery charger
I decided to purchase a new
camera strap.
Here's the one I picked out.

I love it.
Anyway, I have two small point and 
shoot cameras I will take with me.
Easier to carry, easier to handle. 

Theresa tagged me on FB on 
this pic.
Said it was me.

Yep...why wait 50 years...that looks like
me now!

So in honor of our 40th
reunion those of us that are on FB
have posted our 
senior pic as our profile pic.

Yep, once upon at time I was young,
and had dark hair.
If you look close, you will see weak
eyes. I used to suffer really badly with 
allergies, and it always affected my eyes. 

Oh my gosh, this clock would tick
so loud and this is the clock
that my dad used all the time.

An old iron that belonged to my
great grandmother. 

I have a lovely friend that lives in 
Rocky River Ohio.
Her mother in law recently passed on
and she has been working on cleaning
out her home. 
She saw this and knew I would 
love this.
It will be adorable hanging in the
antique bedroom.

(always seem to get my foot or feet in the pic)

She also sent me this cake decorating
stand. Her husbands grandfather made this
and since no one decorates cakes, she
sent it to me. 

I bought two small clay saucers 
to use as coasters but they
did not stay plain for long...

Before making plans to go visit my
son he had planned his bday
party with his friends. Two years ago 
his party was held at his father in laws 
lodge. So this yr it had been planned for that
again. I arrive on Thursday and 
Friday Britney and Cory
will go up and get ready for the 
party that night.
Not wanting to bring the group 
down (being the only old one there), I 
told Cory to go ahead and have his party, 
and I will chill and do my own thing on
Friday. Cory has insisted on getting me 
a car so I can run around on Friday
and then I will drive to the lodge on Sat. 

check out the lodge.
we will hang around a couple of days 
here. I am okay with that!

At first this trip seemed so far away, but
being down so much the past week it seems
to have all of a sudden gotten here!
I am so excited. 
I miss my boy.


Christine said…
You look beautiful in your senior pic!
Ann Thompson said…
I love the camera strap. OMG that lodge is awesome. I could get used to a place like that
MadSnapper said…
that lodge is my kind of living. I love logs and rustic. I have cropped a few feet out of pics and left a lot of them in. have a fun safe trip. we wore the same type thing in our senior pics, but it was black..
Brian said…
That camera strap is pretty cool and that lodge sure is pretty!
NanaDiana said…
I am sorry you are dealing with camera problems but how fun that you have a new one on order. Love the "what you'll look like in 50 years" picture. I will be dead in 50 years or nominated for the oldest living person since biblical times. lol
Have fun with your son- I am so glad that both my boys live close by---but I do miss my daughter. xo Diana
Debbie said…
i really like the camera strap, i hope it is comfortable - i hate when they are scratchy!!!!

your senior picture is beautiful, i don't see weak eyes - i see beautiful eyes, that belong to a strong girl!!

the lodge is gorgeous, i could handle that for a few days!!!!
Darla M Sands said…
I'm excited for you! As for replacing misplaced things, we now own two pairs of kitchen shears and two "Dance of the Dead" (fun comedic horror movie!) DVDs, plus I have digital duplicates of a Dennis Deyoung song I FORGORT I bought. I'm sure there are other examples. ~grin~ Be well!
Sally said…
You are going to have a wonderful time, Pam. Rest up on Friday if you need to, so you can enjoy the party and the lodge. Goodness, such a beautiful place to stay a couple of days.

Your senior picture is beautiful, and you have stayed that way. xoxo
Sandee said…
Love the lodge and that's me in 50 years too.

Next year will be my 50th high school reunion.

Have a fabulous day. Scritches to the babies. ♥
CHERI said…
Thank you so much for dropping by my blog and leaving a comment. I hope my comment for you is going to go through....for some crazy reason today I can comment on some of my regular blogs but not on others...and I am VERY frustrated!!!! I know what you mean about your Nikon. My husband gave me one a few years back. I love it and it takes awesome photos (especially for an amateur like me), but it is so big and bulky to keep up with when you are traveling. I find I just use the camera on my phone more and more often then send the photos to my computer. Love the strap you found...may have to add that to my Amazon wishlist:) And that lodge...oh my, I could spend a few months there! Have fun with your son and wishing you safe travels.
Liz A. said…
Have a great trip. You're coming out just in time for the warm weather. We're supposed to warm way up this coming week.
Really like the camera strap.
Think your senior pic is lovely.
The lodge looks very nice indeed.

You are going to have a good time.

All the best Jan
Jeanie said…
It's going to be a wonderful trip. Have a glorious time. And yes, good strap! Love the lodge too and it's so much fun to see your senior picture! (Ours were black and white!)

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