The Bright Place

Yesterday I posted on 
James' bday bash and the fun.
I hinted about James and Julies 
amazing homestead and how as
a photographer I was jealous...this 
place is a photographers dream!

About 4 years ago James and Julie
started Tennessee Tiny Weddings.
These tiny weddings usually range
from 2 (the couple) to maybe 25 or 30.
James and Julie have made the most 
adorable place to these tiny 
weddings. Both can also
perform these weddings.

My eyes went straight to this site.

Meet Debbie....
one of my best friends.

On top of the cute platform for 
weddings there are some of 
the neatest items just sitting around,
fantastic backdrops that a photographer
could love!

It seems that every corner and bend
in the property are decorated in 
the cutest of ways.

Lights hanging on trees.

Great places to stop and rest while
you enjoy the views. 
I can see a senior in a prom dress
sitting here to have her pic made.
Or a new bride with hubby standing 
behind her.

Check out this cute spot, maybe
a couple sitting here with a glass 
of wine while they talk about the

I am a sucker for barns, wood structures and
old rustic buildings.
Julies potting shed just called me right
over so I could look around through
my lens.

Doesn't Julie have this area fixed
up in such an adorable way?

Another great item for photos.

This would also be a great 

A child sitting down next to
this area would make a great 
photo op.

Oh this....this is amazing. 

Such hidden joys everywhere you look.

And check out this swing! 

Propped here and there you can see
just the smallest, simplest and 
fun items.

Chandeliers in the trees.
There were candles in this that were
lit later in the evening.

Have a seat, enjoy an evening 
out with the company of the one
you love.

Check out the fire pit
and the stumps to sit on as
you enjoy a cool evening 
out with friends. 

But the trucks and tractors are
what I think is the most fun. 

This one being my fave!

This is also one of the first things
I noticed as I parked,
mailbox in the center of a field 
with a pathway.
Julie was telling me that one side
of the mailbox said Lovers Lane and
the other side said North Pole.

Even weeds which I love
for back drops.

Another great photo op.

Coming back from Julies potting shed
I glanced to my left and saw this site.

The bubbling water just 
makes a great shot.

These are some of the ladies at
James' bday bash.

Remember the interesting story about 
me realizing I knew Julie from years....years...
yep years ago? Well hear is another interesting
You see the woman in the very back, behind the 
lady in the yellow top?
She got married by Julie at the TN Tiny 
Weddings in Nov. right after my
daughter got married by Julie...
Didn't my daughter just get married 
in April? 
Yep she did but only after she was
married in Nov. 

The week after the "wedding" Amber
and I went to the Social Security 
office for her to have her name changed.
The guy behind the glass asked to see
the license, Amber produced this from her
purse already in a frame.

Now, I might miss somethings but
others I don't.
I know Amber, there was NO WAY
that she would have that framed in
a week. So I reached for it only to have 
her pull it away. HAHA
I said nothing, just went home 
and thought it through.
A few days later I asked her,
" Amber so when are you going to tell
me when you actually got married"?
She was shocked and wanted to know
what I was talking about.
I just proceeded to tell her that I 
was not stupid and I figured it out.
Then she told me they decided to 
get married but then still go through
with the wedding. 
She thought it was funny to then tell
me who married them!

You see, James being a postman he 
knows people and it just so happens
that the vet where Amber works
is on his route. That is how Amber knew
about Tennessee Tiny Weddings!
Seems what goes around comes

Now check out this cool shot of
all of us sassy ladies!
Hands on hip and reflection
in the water.

Now you see why I call this place
a photographers dream!
Which reminds me, Julie is passing
my name on to couples for
their photographer during their
weddings at The Bright Place
and TN Tiny Weddings.

Here are a few pics that
I made in B&W~
I love B&W photos.

Hoping you enjoyed this post.


Darla M Sands said…
Oh, this would have been an ideal place for our small wedding. In a fun, ironic twist, my husband and I married twenty-one years ago today. ~grin~ Thanks for sharing all these great photos! Be well, my dear.
Brian said…
We love those photos and that rock water fall is absolutely beautiful!
Pam, how adorable is this place!!! I love everything about it. What a perfect venue. Love the pictures. Hugs and blessings, Cindy
Christine said…
I like the idea of a tiny wedding, and I do love chandeliers.
Sally said…
Such a fun post, Pam. You're right, that place is a photographer's dream. So glad you shared with us. Awesome! :)

Sandee said…
You could do more than weddings here. You could do all kinds of small parties. What a delightful place to roam. What a delightful place to photograph its wonders.

Have a fabulous day. ♥
Sandra said…
truly beautiful spot, married twice should work I think. what a great idea and place for a wedding
Rhodesia said…
Goodness so much in that garden it is amazing but I love all the old vehicles best. As you say a photographer's dream. Take care Diane
Jeanie said…
You're right -- it IS a photographer's dream. Every view is wonderful, from waterfalls to trucks to sweet vignettes. And you all look lovely, too!
What a super place this looks.
Lovely selection of different pictures here ...amazing.

All the best Jan
Liz A. said…
Yup, that definitely is a photographer's dream place. Funny how Amber got married twice. At least the ceremony for family and friends was less of a stressor as the vows were already official.
Red Rose Alley said…
These are charming pictures, Pam. I think my favorite one was the raggedy ann doll sitting on the blue chair. I have a soft spot for raggedy ann. : ) The waterfall is so pretty too. What a fun bash you had with your friends.


wisps of words said…
What a fantastic place!!!!!

Oh yes, a photographer's Dream!!!


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