My Yard in All it's Glory

Of course my pics always turn out
the best when I use the Nikon!

I have four Hydrangea bushes that
are the same. I started with two, now 
I have four and I have given a couple
away. Then I have a mini Hydrangea 
bush that has not bloomed since
I got it several, several yrs ago.

I love these flowers.
Funny thing, these bloom a certain
color depending on the acid in the
soil. Or that is the way it is 
suppose to be. My bushes however
will bloom pink, purple and blue
all from the same bush. 

Today I decided that I wanted
to make markers for my herbs.


Pineapple sage. Never used
.this, never grew it before but I 
think it will be good on chicken.

My blocks are blooming all
over with Lemon Sage, Basil, 
and Cilantro.

This is Lemon Sage. I have never
cooked with it but I have had it in my
garden for close to 30 yrs. Can't really
bring myself to cook with it cause
it smells like Pledge.

Two vines growing up 
the baby bed springs..
my redneck trellis!

I have Egyptian Bean and Vinca.

Spiderwort...beautiful plant. Easy to grow...
hate the name!
Blooms in the morning and closes
up around noon.

Check out the height on my
red Crepe Myrtle bush.

My ivy in a basket.

Dakota getting in on the pic.

I got this Lily of some sort from my
mom. Not a clue what type or if
it will bloom.

4 o'clock plant.

 This is the bloom on my Cilantro. I have 
never grown this but I love the 
way it taste. 

My metal chair was a dark green and 
I decided with all the color in the yard
with the stepping stones I needed 
to rethink that color. 
I had this color in my stash!

The metal thing holding the pots is
actually a candle holder that normally 
holds glass vases. I found the metal 
part at Goodwill many yrs ago and I 
have used it with pots in it since getting
it. Now I just need to add plants!

Loving my colorful painted pots 
on the steps going up to the deck.

Yikes...noticed my flag needs a good bath.
I did reading up on it and you can wash them.
I will be doing that in the next couple of days.

This is my front porch.

Hosta are blooming. 

As well as my Day Lilies.

I love this plant and the blooms.
My Yucca blooms. 

This started many years ago from a 
plant a woman I worked with 
shared with me. 
Never had it produce so many
starts from it with so many
stalks to bloom.

Close up of the Day Lily.

Lambs Ear.
The leaves are so soft it is like
running a lambs ear.

Around the mailbox base. 

This Lily is from my neighbors yard.

This Lily is also.

A visitor to my Hydrangea bush.

Hope I have been able to add some color
to your life today!

Update on  Brandau Shadow.
I went to feed yesterday and was amazed
at how much better she appears to be. 
I figure 24 hours could not
make that much difference but
there itching from flea
bites is bound to make a difference.
She greeted me with sweet meows 
and once I finished feeding the horses,
the cats and the pigs I sat under
the tree for a few minutes with 
Shadow, just talking (me) and rubbing
her. There were a lot of meowing 
going on (Shadow...not me)...and I 
think she knows I am the one that 
helped her. I am happy!

Today my middle grandson DJ came and 
stayed the afternoon with me that
will be tomorrows post!

Have a great evening. 

Here is where I start my days and 
tonight this is where I will close the 


Very nice blooms at your place, Pam. You are quite a bit ahead of us. I like your cute rock plant markers. Herbs are so nice to use in the kitchen. I had to laugh at the Lemon Pledge reference! I hope you have a nice weekend. ♥
Liz A. said…
Very nice garden.
Christine said…
gorgeous flowers!
Ann said…
Your yard looks amazing. I wish I had the ambition and the green thumb to grow things like that. I have a hydrangea in my front yard that my dad planted a long time ago. I've heard the same thing about the acidity of the soil but I've a couple years where there were 3 different color blooms on the same bush.
Brian said…
Everything sure is pretty and we're so happy blooming season is off and running!
Sandra said…
if you are not careful it might be you meowing next time. ha ha… love all your planters and holders and what great idea for the candle holder/pot plant. everything is looking super duper beautiful.... my mom had lots of hydrangeas and to make them blue, daddy put old rusty things I the soil. he had a grinder and the metal grindings he would stir in and also put rusted nails, anything metal rusted. makes the blue blue blue...
Rhodesia said…
Love this post. I do like to see what goes on in other people's gardens. I could not do without my herbs, they go in almost every dish I cook. Take care Diane
I think your yard looks good.
Love the hydrangeas

All the best Jan
Red Rose Alley said…
Pam, your garden is coming along nicely. I love that blue box that the lemon sage is in. I smiled when I saw the red cardinal, cause I have one just like that. And those cheerful pots you painted with the faces are so cute. We have a lot of Lilies around here too.

Enjoy these June days, Pam.

Jeanie said…
I really love the garden markers and the garden itself is doing so well! That hydrangea is a real winner!

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