More Fun Things in the Yard

Good morning 

Another fun piece in the yard..
a rusty chime that I have had
hanging there for years.

 One of my all time fave
pieces I picked up at 
A metal ant!
Brought him home and painted
him again and he has been 
climbing this tree for years now.

With that said...oh my GOSH ants have
been HORRIBLE this year. I usually
get them in the kitchen in the 
spring. They showed up mid March
and I finally just the other day got 
rid of them.
For the longest it was rolls and rolls
following here and there, the last
month I have not seen them as much,
I drop a crumb I don't see and within
seconds it seems they are all 
over it. 

The other day was out and noticed lines
of them all over the outside of
the house, working an traveling
and oh course going in or under...

I really don't like using chemicals with 
the pets but this was on the house
and up high....I think the reason
they are not coming in is
cause I killed them outside!

Moving on...I have shared this before,
the vine in the crack of the

I pick up a rock when I go traveling
or on vacation to paint and put
in the garden. 

This is from Knoxville where my
niece lives. 

My colors on this one was 
not the best choice.
Gatlinburg TN

Pigeon Forge TN

Sevierville TN 

That is 3 cities back to back in 
the mountains of TN.

La Mesa Calif. 

Del Mar Calif.

Speaking of rocks..
I got this one at Dollar General 
many years ago.

Not been that long ago since I 
posted the mushroom I painted
for the yard.
Thinking of doing one more for
 a grouping, maybe taller than
this one.

I love the tin stars. I 
have these and another 

Well look at here...the other set!

The J I made for Jackson.
And check out the table with 
the birdhouse.

A tall candle stick holder - Goodwill
and the metal wall decoration from
Goodwill. Attached with E6000.

This is one the front of the shed
beside the doors.

Hanging above it is this sign.

Sitting on the deck I threw together 
a couple more signs for the 
garden area to hang on the shed!


They have been sealed I just
need to put a hanger on them 
and get them hung.

While painting those signs I did
a couple for the deck.

I found this in the pantry the 
other day, another Goodwill buy
a few years ago, egg gathering basket.

I love the trike. 
I actually have another in the
shed somewhere but have not
been about to locate it yet.

Hangs above the doorbell.

Hangs on the front porch.

 Dollar General buy years ago..

My rocks, garden stuff hold out year
after year cause I put them in 
the shed over the winter.

My hummers stopping area, right 
off the deck for mine and Lily's
viewing pleasure.

Yep...I put broken plates in my
planters for the pop of fun. 

Course I just did this recently also, the grilling
station. Handmade table also from 
a piece of tile and a plant
stand flip upside down.

I think it was Debbie that asked to
see an over all look.
Here you go Debbie.

My favorite all time view
from the deck to the backyard.

Front view.

 Here is from mid way in the yard to the 
house. Keep in mind, I only own
my half, this is what is called
a zero lot line.


Shot from behind the shed. 
I looked at this the other day
and although I would not see it 
unless I walked back there, I am 
thinking this is a total waste of
a blank canvas!

Other side of the shed, cheek beside.

Down the driveway.


Looking down the driveway. 
Should have removed the ladder
and hose and things would have looked
better but....I did good to get the pics

Heat has been TERRIBLE
for the last 4 or 5 days. The itchy
bug crawling feeling has let up 
but with that and the heat my hands 
and feet swell. Wind is blowing and the 
eyes feel all yucky.
But it is only suppose to be 89 today
instead of the 95 of yesterday with no 
breeze. Animals and I have not been
spending as much time out on 
the deck come noon or so. 

I did however attend the bday bash
Sat. night. So much fun. Took lots of 
pics for James to have for his bday. 
Will be posting those and info on
their place tomorrow......

Have yourself an amazing day,


Jeanie said…
Oh Pam, It's all so cheerful! I love the free weeds sign! And your rocks are cute. It just happy summer!
Ann Thompson said…
Your yard looks great. So much fun stuff. I used to have a dollar store rock just like yours but mine got broken
Sandra said…
love your home and yard, bob was raised in what he called a twin house, his parents owned half. that was in PA... your yard is beautiful and I like that egg basket full of rocks
Debbie said…
thanks pam, for sharing it in it's entirety!! i kept piecing it together in my mind, but i couldn't "get it"!! now i get it and it all goes together and looks beautiful!! i LOVE the colorful pathway/walk - i think that is my favorite but really, i liked everything!! i need to paint some rocks...i keep saying that but i don't do it!!!

the weeds for sale too, great signs all over!!!
Sandee said…
We had a wonderful mild weekend on our cruise, but it's hot now. Supposed to get to 98 today. We went from winter to 3 days of spring and then right into summer.

I love your yard.

Have a fabulous day. ♥
Brian said…
Things sure look great and that sun is darn cool!
Christine said…
Thanks for sharing, very interesting stuff you have.
Sally said…
You do make the cutest things, Pam. And, I wanted to tell you; I actually bought some paint for some of the larger rocks to put in a flower bed. If they turn out, I'll show you; if not, I won't. :)

Darla M Sands said…
I wish you felt as wonderful inside as you and your home look inside and out! Be well, my dear.
Liz A. said…
Oh yes, you must paint the back of the shed. Who does get to see that side of it day in and day out? You'll need to paint something that they'd like.

I know what you mean about ants. In my last home, they were awful. Since moving to my current home, I haven't seen any inside. It's been heaven. (Not sure why we don't have ant problems here, but I'll take it ;)

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