Goodbye June ~ Hello July

Can you believe it, June is out of here

and July is in?
Where did June go?

This coming week on Monday
my sis in law has made an
appt for Smokey. Smokey is the 
stray that is no longer a stray 
Russian Gray that apparently was dropped
at their place. He is a sweetie and it is 
a given that he used to be an indoor cat.
So....Kim is making an appt and I will go
over with my brothers help and catch him
and take him to the vet to be checked.
Hope is, if Zuzu and Zora (Becky) will allow
it, to move him indoors. 
Lucky cat!

Then on Tuesday I am driving to visit
the grandson's and their other nana is 
riding down with me. That is an hour
and 15 min drive each way.

Wed. I will cut the grass and pack
cause the next day is 
my trip to......

to visit with my son and daughter in law.

When I return from Calif. I will rest
for a few days. I know my body will 
be yelling at me to do that then I will
spend a morning decorating for the school
reunion which will be that night. 

I have a one more of these

to spit out this weekend...yes, I have been
putting it off only cause I have had so
many down days and then several creative
days that I worked on other stuff.

But it will be ready.

From the reunion to the last day 
of July I will have  a couple of 
good weeks for resting.

Then I will photograph a very simply
wedding at the Bright Place
(James and Julie's place) 
for Tn Tiny Weddings. 
I gave up shooting weddings cause
my body just could not do it anymore but
this will be so different, these weddings
consist of a bride and groom and guest that
usually don't go over 20 people.
No getting ready shots, not a lot of 
after shots. Simple, easy and my body
will love this!

Between now and then I hope to have
produced a sign for the 
front of the house.

I have been thinking about it and I 
knew I wanted it to be different.
I was thinking on the lines of 
the base looking like this below.

(by the way, these slats came from 
a wooden basket that I broke down and 
put together to paint on).

Only the slats going in the other direction 
and not lining up on each end.
But then I ran across this.

Course it would be more colorful
and I thought that the first 
slat would read,
the next would read,
and the last 

or maybe just to slats and 
the first reading that way
with the second reading 
"The" - painted at a slant 

Speaking of The Whimsical Way
what better coaster to have on the 
deck than a clay saucer!
Yes, you know that they will not
go unpainted for long!

What are your plans for the 4th or for July?


Brian said…
We sure hope that Smokey has found his real forever home!
Sandra said…
I vote for the hinged sign, LOVE IT and love either way you say it.. I really like your new name...
Darla M Sands said…
Hurray for Smokey! Bless you all for your kindnesses. We don't do anything special for Independence Day. I haven't attended a fireworks show in decades because SO never did care much, which sort of sucked out all the fun. Well, I haven't attended on purpose, anyway. ~grin~ At a Pittsburgh Pirates game a while back my sister-in-law raced around the stadium for a good place to see the show. I was dumbfounded. She's at least fifteen years older than me. So excited, like a little kid, she left behind her husband and son in the process. I was so worried about relocating those two that I couldn't enjoy the fireworks. Ha! Travel safe and be gentle with yourself! That wedding shoot sounds perfect for you. I hope you enjoy it. Take care, my dear.
Sally said…
You have some wonderful plans, Pam. I know you'll be thrilled to visit in San Diego, and they'll be thrilled to see you!

San Diego was where, when I was about three, I fell off the monkey bars and broke my wrist. The reason I remember is that Mama was cooking fried chicken when Dad took me to the e.r. And, I couldn't wait to get back home for that chicken. :)

Have a good weekend!

Christine said…
Enjoy your trip and happy July 4th!
Liz A. said…
You get so much more done than I do. I hope you enjoy your trip and your reunion.
Sandee said…
Smokey is a lucky cat indeed. I'm sure he'll fit right in.

You're going to be busy in July. It's all good stuff though.

Have a fabulous weekend. Scritches to the babies. ♥
You have some wonderful plans …
Wishing you the happiest month of July.
Enjoy everything you do.

All the best Jan
Ann Thompson said…
No plans for the 4th here. You're going to be busy
Jeanie said…
You have a busy week! Safe travels. Our plans? We're on hold till Baby Grand 2 arrives. And he's late! And it's hot. We're all getting cranky! But excited.

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