Flirting Along with Color

Oh my.....really hoping that is not where
I end up even though the saying is adorable.

While cat sitting for my younger brother
I took this pic...

Oh his sense of humor!

Stumbled across this on PINTEREST.

Tad different!

So today while sitting on the deck I 
looked out to see two dragonflies
flirting around.
How true that was...
the flirting part.

So, this is how they "DO" it!

Their bodies even make a heart!

Noticed this today..

I hung this thing in the tree several
years ago but had not realized the tree branch
had grown around the hook. 

I just thinks this candle holder
hanging in the garden adds so much
to the Whimsical Way!
Don't you?

Just some color from the yard.

One week from today I will be waking in 
Calif. I fly out Thursday. 
Can't wait.
Did my usual first of the month
running for cat food and treats since
the babes will be staying with my mom.
Dakota is set cause he will eat what her dogs
do but Lily has certain food. 
I will pack her toys
also. She has never stayed away
from home without me...this should
be interesting. She whip those dogs in shape!


Brian said…
Such lovely photos and the Nursing Home gave us all the giggles! Good luck Lily!
Pilar said…
Interesting post Pam! I hope you have a wonderful trip!
Darla M Sands said…
Beautiful garden! Best wishes to Lily. I have never tried taking my cats anywhere when we travel, but you seem to have acclimated her well. ~hugs~ We have sitters come in every other day and check on our girls for a bit. Tilly loves on them while Jezebel hides from anyone but us.
Liz A. said…
That half chair is an idea. Interesting that the book on top is Jonathan Livingston Seagull. It's been ages since I read that.
Christine said…
Love the yard colour.
MadSnapper said…
I love the twisty turny thingy and the metal lantern, as for the chair book shelf, NOT for me..
Ann said…
All your flowers are so pretty. I've seen lots of cool thing done with chairs on Pinterest but I'm not sure I'm real crazy about the book shelf idea.
Your flowers are such a wonderful colour.
I love the half chair, that really is something different.

… and yes, Thursday will soon be here! Yippee!

All the best Jan

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