Flare/Food/Fun in the Yard

  I thank each and everyone of you 
for the comments on my health.
Yesterday I felt some better, did not
force and do anything though. 
Today so far I am feeling ok.

A Fibro Flare as they are called
can last from a day to whenever. When 
I was working for the TBI it was a really
stressful time and my flare lasted a whole
years. When I say flare that means the 
the pain is intense, even more wide spread,
unpredictable as to where that pain
decides to strike and for how long it
will hold its ground in that area, or if
it will be new pain in a different area everyday.
Fatigue and totally living in a fog of not
being about to think straight or concentrate.

I felt this one coming, I normally have
signs if I pay attention long enough
to see them. Like dropping everything I 
pick up, and stumbling like a drunk person.
On days that I am in a 
fog I am like a total space cadet. I do 
stupid things, I forget from one moment to 
the next (worse than your normal person), 
and you can sit and talk to me then ask them
what you said and I have no clue. My conversation
however is all over the place, sort of like
my blogs! haha
It takes a person that is paying good 
attention to keep up when my mind
speeding by and coming out my mouth. 
And the fatigue and trying to focus and
function, I crash. 

Like I said, I feel better.
Thank goodness, this one don't seem
to be lasting long.

Last Saturday before the flare hit I
went to the James Bday Bash. 
I made a pasta salad before I went to 
take along. 

And I tried some garlic pull apart 
bread. Both were a big hit.

While I was in the kitchen making this
stuff I also made some banana bread,
since I had some bananas that Lily
and I would not eat cause they got 
to ripe.


I have probably stated it here before
that I don't like to cook.
I love to bake but not cook.
It is always best that I stay out
of the kitchen!
haha...course the upcoming flare.
But I wanted to taste the pasta salad I
made last week and just with no
reason at all, I dropped the plate.

Now the funniest thing I did was somehow
or another I pushed the pepper shaker into
the sink of dishwater. 

Did not know it till I went to wash 

I want to also throw out a
big thank you for all the great comments
about what I do get done. 
If you will notice however most
my projects at small, don't take a lot
of time or attention. 
However when it is something like 
putting together a kitchen cart, it 
takes me days. Painting the 
fuse box cover took several days 
and it should not have. 

With that said, I threw this together the
other day. I had saved these bottles
for a reason, at the time I was not
sure what that reason was.

A tall skinny wine bottle Theresa
saved for me, a bottle that blood 
orange juice came in and a vinegar 

I wrapped the blood orange bottle
at the bottom in rope, the tall wine 
bottle got little brown and beige rocks
added to it and the other one got marbles.
All things I had on hand in my

And glued to the top are solar lights
I picked up at the dollar store.

I have this arrangement sitting in the
yard between two chairs. 
I am however working on an idea
for a new table to go between them,
as you can see in the above pic I 
use that table as a spray paint table.

The nightly glow.

Before long if I don't stop I think my
neighbors are going to start calling 
me that crazy artist lady!

I guess I just have all the creative stuff
going on in my head an it is
clawing its way out, now that I
have time to do this stuff.

I picked up these plates at Goodwill
the other day.
99 cents each.

Here is my master minded idea of 
what I wanted them for..

The bunny I got for 1.99 I 
wanted for the garden.

But decided it was going 
under the crepe myrtle bush
instead! Check out the
PURPLE bow around its 
neck...I love it.

Adding more cute items to the 
garden and yard....thinking
I probably need to stop!

Have you added anything to your
yard this summer?


Sally said…
I'm so glad you're feeling a bit better! You're a real trouper, Pam.

As for what I've planted so far? Just flowers, then the rains every single day; I've lost a few. :(

But, it's all good. And, I'm still working on painting bricks. LOL

Darla M Sands said…
Well, as you know, my garden added to my household. ~grin~ I hope this little stray cat blends with my little family. Take care! I know that your best days are probably on par with some of my most annoying little sick days. Keep creating and having fun!
Sandra said…
I wish I had your talent, I would love to be called a crazy artist lady... the lights are beautiful.. something I the non craft person could do... love that tall skinny bottle. I do love odd shaped bottles. glad you are feeling better today
Sandee said…
I'm hungry for that pasta salad and bread. Okay, I'll have some banana nut bread too.

I love what you did with the bottles. You're most crafty. I love your yard.

Have a fabulous day. ♥
Christine said…
sorry about the pasta salad, a whole year of pain is unimaginable.
Rain said…
Hi Pam :) I'm so sorry about the flares! That's awful, but I'm glad it didn't last too long. I agree with Sally, you are a trooper! Oh I never made one of those pull apart breads before but I've seen them all over Pinterest with some nice gooey cheese! I have to try one soon! I love how you made your solar lights! Beautiful! And the plates look great in the garden!! Don't stop!! :)
I love the bunny and his purple bow.
Have you got a fairy in your garden? Growing up our family always had a fairy somewhere in the garden, and now the grandchildren are enjoying the fairy.
It's a kind of magic! It always brings a smile.

Have a good weekend, sending positive thoughts to you.

All the best Jan
Rhodesia said…
I am happy to hear that you are feeling better, good news. Love those bottles, but solar lights are ridiculously expensive here, a shame as that is such a great idea. We do not have the luxury of a £1, $1 or €1 store here!! Have a good Sunday Diane
Brian said…
Those bottles with the lights are super cool, we love them! I’m glad you were having a good day!
Ann said…
I missed your last post but I'm glad you're feeling better today. I love all the stuff you've got going on in your yard. The bottles are genius. I wouldn't call you the crazy art lady, I would say the cool art lady and would love to have you for a neighbor
Liz A. said…
Have you heard of the slow movement? It's called something different, but... The idea is to deliberately do things. To do them slowly. I imagine it would have taken me many weeks to get that kitchen cart done. As well as painting the fuse box.

My point is, it takes as long as it takes. It took you way shorter than it would have taken me. And there is something to be said for doing things slowly. You have more time to contemplate it and make it just what you want.

Just my two cents...
Red Rose Alley said…
Oh, look at all the goodies on here today. That garlic pull apart bread looks amazing, and I love banana bread. Have you ever tried baking them with chocolate chips? Jess' husband bakes chocolate chip banana bread for us every Christmas, and it's so Yummy. The bunny looks cute in your garden. It's fun browsing through Good Will. They do have a lot of original items.


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