Braden/ Fuse Box Cover

Last Wed. my youngest
grandson came to spend the
afternoon with me. Even though
I was feeling bad I wanted to 
give him a good time.

We messed around on the
deck most of the time, it was
one of those not so hot days.
But a popsicle is good just the 

Braden was the first one to 
be able to play the
new tic tac toe 

A couple weeks ago when
DJ came to spend the afternoon
with me, Lily went wild.
She ran around and showed off.
With Braden she jumped up to 
spend time with him.
That is unusual for her. She
apparently likes kids.

But this is what happens when you 
spend time with 

I have a view of my hydrangea
bushes from my porch but
I like having them in the 

Many years ago my oldest brother called 
and asked me if I would paint
something on his
on his fuse box door.

Keep in mind my brother lived in 
an 11 thousand sq. foot home.
YES - you read that correctly.
The washroom used to be 
a bathroom. Before being added
onto used to be a community pool. 
So there was a his and hers bathroom
side by side. One like I said was turned
into a washroom so it was pretty
good size. I could not get Ray to 
tell me what he wanted on the cover
so I just went with it and this 
is what he got.

They ended up painting the room around
the peachy orange like color in the
flowers. And with that each time
someone new came to visit and they
did a tour of the house I could
here Lori proudly tell them that
I painted that for them.
When they moved to the other 
house, they replaced the cover, taking
this one with them and hanging 
this in their bedroom.

My fuse box has hung in the 
hall going from the living room
to the kitchen, right out in the open
for the 26 years I have been here.
I always just kept it covered
with a picture or 
a mirror. But last week I 
just decided it was time to change
that. So here is what I came
up with.

If you can tell, the door itself is
the actual part that opens to the 
fuses and the house frame is
the space around it.
I am debating on to frame
it or not. 

Difference between the two.
Ray's was done with oils and 
mine with acrylic paints.
Hence the shine on his. However
I plan on getting in there today
while the furbabes are on the deck
and spray a sealer on mine which will
help with the shine.

Which is your fave?


Sandra said…
I love the photos of him and lily, so precious, both of them. looks like a fun day for all of you
Darla M Sands said…
Those are both beautiful! You're so good with family. ~hugs~ Hope you're having a better day and not too hot. We did some gardening around six this morning and I was starting to sweat just pulling a few tiny weeds. The taller, bigger patch will have to wait. ~whew~ Hanging with little Styx in the basement now while Jezebel is trying to destroy the door that she hates is closed between her and me. Take care!
Christine said…
Nana is fun!
Brian said…
He looks like such a fun character!
Sandee said…
I love that painted face and so does he. That's a huge smile right there.

Have a fabulous day. Scritches to the babies. ♥
Ann Thompson said…
Must be a good time for your grandsons when they visit you
Liz A. said…
Not gonna pick a favorite.

Yeah, your fuse box could use a frame. Although... you could paint a frame...
Sally said…
awww such a cute little guy. I love his haircut, and face painting you did.

Both of your art pieces are lovely, Pam. You have so much talent!

Rhodesia said…
L I love these posts of yours wish I had just half as many good ideas. Take care Diane

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