Birthday Bash at Bright Place

Saturday night is the first 
Sat. night in a long time that
I have been out. And I had a great

Meet Julie.

There is a funny story to me about
Julie and I ~
I met her and hubby James about
5 yrs ago when I was dating Chris.

When I met both Julie and James nothing
jumped out at me. But about 1.5 yrs ago 
Julie posted her senior pic of FB.
It hit me...I knew her, you know like
before I met her at Chris'.

I sent a message asking if she went
to DuPont? Nope she was a McGavock
student so that was not where I knew
her from. But the fact she lived
in Donelson was somewhat of a clue.
Where had I been hanging out that I
could have met her and her being a few
yrs younger than me.


We worked there together, she supervised
check outs and I worked the service desk. 
We had good times together, talking and
laughing but when I left there I never
saw her again....
or thought I didn't!
I was about 22 at the time making
her around 18. 

This is James, Julie's man and the
bday boy. 

James is a postman and he has met
many, many people over the years.
He has met a lot of pickers!!

What? Some of you are probably shaking
or scratching your head wondering
what I mean.
Well, I live in Nashville so we are used to
that word...

More on that in a bit...
but lets get down to the good stuff.

Oh my gosh, this bash started at 5:30 but folks
came and went. I was there as the photographer so
I was there almost to the end. 
With folks coming and going food 
kept coming....and coming....
and I don't eat much at a setting but
I was trying everything that came in, there
was a point I thought I might have to
go behind the garage and loss some of it.

Anyway, lots of friends were there.

As well as pickers.

Another picker.

These two started it off.

Then James got in to it.

Playing the steel guitar.

Dude on the steel guitar was
talented...he had a harmonica for 
every note you can play.

This guy came with a friend of James.
He was in from Switzerland.
You see last weekend was CMA
Country Music  Association in downtown
Nashville. Streets are closed off, stars 
perform...big deal and this guy
came in for CMA so he jumped in and
played along with his friend. They stayed
an hour then had to leave for a concert but
as they left, more pickers came. 

And like I more came, 
so did the food.

The cool thing about pickers, they do not have
music laid out in front of them. They just play,
they sang and as one would start a song the 
others just picked up with and went.
Amazed me. 

James actually turned 52 in Dec.
When Julie asked what he wanted he 
told her he wanted a party in the 
spring or early summer. 

Keep in mind before tomorrows post
that Julie and James live on an 
amazing spot of land. They 
named it the 
Bright Place. 
Pics of The Bright Place will 
come tomorrow also, and I will leave
you with this...
it is a photographers dream!

I am envious!


Ann said…
Looks like a fun time and all that food, oh my. Looking forward to seeing the bright place.
Brian said…
That sure looks like a super fun time!
Christine said…
Happy Birthday Pam what a party. June is my birthday month too!
Sally said…
I can't imagine more fun that sittin' around with a bunch of pickers. :)

So glad you had a good time; those are some awesome photo's, Pam.

Darla M Sands said…
Looks like a great time. I knew what pickers meant in this context while also thinking of the show "American Pickers". ~grin~ Is that a cake he's holding in the last photo? Cool! On that note, I'm not sure what you meant about a 'photographer's dream'. Did you miss attaching a photo? Hope you're well! ~hugs~ I look forward to tomorrow's photos.
Sandra said…
i had to scroll really fast past all that food. wow. and I do know pickers and I can see everyone was having a blast. great night out with friends. a small world it is.... the word pickers made me think to ask, have you been to the American Pickers shop there in Nashville?
What a neat story. Oh and all that food looks so yummy! Making me really hungry for a slice of cheesecake. Pictures are great. You captured everything very nicely. Pickers...Or yes, I know that term really well. Have a great day. Hugs and blessings, Cindy
Sandee said…
What a fun party. I knew what pickers were before you told me. This is my kind of party. My kind of food. My kind of music. How fun.

Have a fabulous day. ♥
Jeanie said…
You didn't have to tell me about pickers! I love that kind of music and I'll bet it made the party all the more fun!
Rhodesia said…
Looks like lots of fun and those food photos had my mouth watering :-) Take care, Diane
Anonymous said…
Fantastic Mrs Pam, we are so glad you could join us. We will let you know the next time we do some picking and grinning! We love the photos. You did an amazing job with them. And we love the story with it. Blessings till next time
Liz A. said…
Wow, lots of great shots. And a great idea to hold a birthday party when you want one, not just when your birthday is.

Funny how you didn't realize you'd known her so long ago. But I guess we lose touch with people that way.
Rain said…
Oh that looks likes so much fun Pam! The food looks AMAZING...drool....I am a big fan of the banjo, thanks for posting those pictures! So cool how you found out you were work buddies!!!
What a fun time was had.
Lovely lot of photographs and the food looked good too!

All the best Jan
Debbie said…
it's a small world, isn't it?? looks like a fun party, your pictures really portray the vibe of it!!
wisps of words said…
That must have been great music!!!!!!!!

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