All Over the Place

Well, it hit!
The Fibro challenge that I have
been trying to skirt around for weeks
now. The last 3 days have been 
a challenge to get anything done.
Today, I slept most of the day. 

But....before that hit since I knew it
was coming I tried to get 
somethings done that I have 
had in my thoughts for awhile.

First I wanted to revamp the washer
and dryer. Normally the doors to 
that area stayed close but thanks to 
the ANTS that appeared and have
failed to move on I had to move
Lily's food from the bathroom counter
to the dryer, leaving the doors 
opened. I saw this on Pinterest
sometime ago. So with black
tape, white washer and dryer and 
being a bored artist I created 


A week ago I started a project in 
the house and actually got
around to finishing it up the
other day.

A sample shot.
Yes, its done with paint.

and here it is just before I
 finished it

But I felt it still needed something.
So I added the vine of flowers. do you like that?
I have lived here almost 27 yrs 
and for 27 yrs I have wanted to paint
this spot. Yep. not on canvas it is actually
painted on my fuse box cover that 
is in the hall across from the 
washer. FINALLY, I did it.
I have always had it covered
with a pic or mirror.

Years ago my brother called and 
asked me to paint something on that
something that went over those things,
I finally got it out of him that he
wanted me to paint his fuse box cover. 
His washroom was on one end of 
the house and as big as my smallest
bedroom. So the deal was, I paint and 
when you show folks through your 
home you have to point that out!

Pretty cool huh?

Got my signs hung on the shed.

Plus I hung a barbed wire wreath
above the shed doors.

Been roadside shopping the other day.
Found two of these up the road,
they are metal so I had to have them.
One I will probably fit somewhere in 
the garden and the other
I might fit with a piece of nice
wood for a photo prop. These are about
hip high on me.

Talking garden, I want to do one
of these for the yard to match 
the colored stepping stones!

Picked these up at Goodwill, 99 cents
each, just wait till you see
in a later post what I plan to do 
with these.

A  white bunny 1.99 for the garden. 

Hoping you smile and laugh today, 


Sandra said…
wow, what a super way to recyle old tires. I love the planter and the seats. beautiful fuse covers, both of these... glad you got a lot done before your crashed. hope today is a better day....
Darla M Sands said…
So sorry fibro knocked you so hard. ~hugs~ You're a wonderful artist.
Brian said…
I hope you are feeling some better soon. Thanks for sharing all the cool things today!
Christine said…
You are so creative, sorry about the attack.
Sally said…
Awww, Pam, I'm sorry you're not feeling well. :(

I swan (my grandmother used to say) but you have so much talent! Amazing, really.

Take care.

Jeanie said…
What IS it with ants and cat food? I've had to move Lizzie's too. Ugh. It's always something. Hope the fibro eases up soon. And thanks for coming by today!
Sandee said…
I love your art. I love the fuse box. I would have never guessed.

Have a fabulous day. Scritches to the babies. ♥
Liz A. said…
I hope you feel better soon. Love the fuse box cover idea.
Debbie said…
i love what you did with the fuse box, that's amazing!!! i have seen the tire planters on pinterest, also at the tulips festival i attended, they are so cool and will look great with your colorful pathway!!!

feel better!!
Rhodesia said…
I really hope that you are soon feeling better. I am glad that you can still sleep though so it must help.
As I have said many times before, you never cease to amaze me. The ideas that run through your head are amazing and the fact that you carry so many of those ideas out. Well done. Take care a feel better soon Diane
Pilar said…
I hope that you're feeling better Pam! You are so creative with your crafts! Enjoy your weekend!
You really are a most creative person, I love seeing what you've been up to!
Sorry to read about the Fibro attack … sending my good wishes to you.

All the best Jan

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