All Over the Place Sort of Post- Whats New!

My family~
I really have no clue what year
this was taken but lets just say,
forever ago!

Yep, I have two brothers and I am
the middle child. 

My dad.
Dad has been gone 31 years now. I was in 
my late 20's when we lost him. 
Happy Fathers Day, dad.

HAHA...this is my younger brother.
My sis in law put this pic up last
night wishing him a Happy Fathers Day.
He is a mess.
They are away in Fla. on vacation
and I have been taking care of two 
out of three of their cats.

This is Zora AKA Becky.
(I don't know about the name so don't 

Anyway Mark and Kim have two inside
cats, this being one. She had been
sitting in my lap getting a head rub
then moved to the edge of the couch to
look out the window. She was right under
a painting I had done for Kim.
I thought this was so cute!

Another cat that they have is 
Smokey is a stray that wandered
up and stayed.

Gray Russian we think. Friendly and 
for sure was a drop off. Kim tried to catch
him to take him to the vet but was unable
to get him. I told her I would help
with that cause she wants to bring him in.

Mark and Kim have another indoor

I went to mom's to visit her yesterday.

She goes to mom's when Mark and 
Kim go out of town cause being the 
first cat to be brought into their home,
she thinks she is the Queen and she
is not nice to Zora.

Keep in mind, this family has always been
dog people. Just in the last few yrs have
we moved over to cats. 
And Zu is the reason I now have 
a cat. Mark's dog found her under 
the shed. Mark got her out and took 
her to the vet. She was about 3 weeks 
old and mom must have been in the process
of moving them when Dinky found her.
Mark and Kim fed her with a bottle but
when she was about 4.5 weeks out Mark
and Kim went to Fla. So mom was taking 
care of Zu. I would leave the school where
I worked (5 mins from mom) and go feed
Zu on my lunch break. I fell in love....

ME of all people who never had anything
to do with them, so a yr of so later, I have

My life seems to have gone 
to the cats lately.
I feed at the barn three times a week
in the evenings and you know there
are three of them there that I 
totally love. 

Here is an update of Shadow from the 
flea issue we had. She is growing hair
back and sores are all gone. 

Check out the markings.
She looks a lot like Zu.
Both are Torties.
Difference once Shadow get all her
hair back you will see that she is a long
hair where Zu is short.

So glad she is doing well.
I also picked up flea meds and treated
the other two cats. Shadow will
get another treatment at the 
end of the month.

Now moving on from cats to another
four legged critter...
a raccoon.

I sit out with Smokey while he eats
cause if I don't this critter will 
come and steal his food.

Mark was suppose to live trap this babe
and move it on down the road some 
before going to Fla but has missed
place his live trap. That is something
that really needs to be on the top of the
list of things to do when he gets back.

Oh yesterday was a hot one, 
I have been having to bring Lily in off the
deck the last two or three days cause 
the temp gets so hot and the fan was
not getting it. However yesterday I 
went and got us another box fan, they
seem to put out more air.

HAHA...if you are a friend on FB you 
will know that a lot of what goes
there goes here also.
So I will tell it like I did on FB...
If you think my way of decorating
the yard with colorful stepping stones,
painted sheds, or plates in the garden 
is a tad different you need to see how
my brother decorates his yard.

The yellow strip going up...I mean down 
the tree is a measuring tape. 
Apparently all the shoes he wears out
goes on the tree. 
But that is nothing you should she the 
other tree. Sandra has asked to see that
on FB so I will have to see about 
digging out a pic or taking one when
I go today.

Laying on mom's bed yesterday I looked
up to the ceiling and saw this...
sunshine coming through the 
lace curtains. 
I thought it looked neat.

I live in one county where fireworks
are not allowed (cough here)...for sure
are not sold here. But three doors up is
the next county and they sell and it is not
against the law to shoot them.

Here are the tents going up where 
they will be selling them.
Getting ready for the 4th.

Oh my gosh...I did a total Fibro Fog 
yesterday. I needed to pick up feed
for Misfire so I just bee bopped up
the street to the Tractor Supple store.
Went in and went all the way back to the 
horse feed and realized that I have not
been buying her food there in months.

Then on the way to the right place
I had to stop and think of where I 
was going....

However on my way out I saw this..
a spatula for the fisherman in 
your life. Check it

Last week I went to one of my
fav stores...
Hobby Lobby and this is 
the site I came face to face with..
4th of July stuff on one side
and Halloween on the other.
Christmas down a few more rows.

Okay...I have given you all enough to ponder
and enjoy I hope! 

How was last week for you?


Brian said…
Us kitties can sure grab you when you least expect it!
Sandee said…
What a lovely shot. Your hair looked just like mine with I was a kid. It must have been the fashion back then.

Kitties are so fun. I love both kitties and dogs. Dogs need more care though. They are pack animals and need their people with them at all times. Cats do their own thing and give us time on their terms.

Hobby Lobby is a fun place to explore.

Have a fabulous day. Scritches to the babies. ♥
Christine said…
Happy Father's Day to our Dads in Heaven!
Goodness, it's only the 17th June!
"4th of July stuff on one side and Halloween on the other. Christmas down a few more rows." I do wonder how soon/early folks do buy things?

Happy Father's Day to all … everywhere.

All the best Jan
Ann Thompson said…
Happy father's day to your dad in heaven. I was in my late 20s when my dad passed away also. Love the family photo.
Is that racoon walking across that car? He's pretty bold
Such a sweet photo of you and your family, Pam! I love seeing all of your creative happenings. Seems your brother and you both have the same gene for creativity! So glad your four legged friends are doing well. Those bandit raccoons are something. My son had a trio of baby raccoons at his back door the other evening. Have a nice week ahead. ♥
love seeing your family photos and love hearing about the cats! Cats are such wonderful companions aren't they? It has been in the 100s here , but we got a wonderful much needed rain last night and early this morning........helped to cool things down. I love Hobby Lobby and could stay in that store all day!
Sandra said…
what a super idea for the cat painting, I love it and I don't even have a cat... you were really young to lose your dad. nice family photo to jog your memories.. bob is cat/dog and his daughter added ducks and guninea pigs and skunks and tried to have a raccoon like this one. coons scare me because Jake fights them, he and bob had a terrible fight with a mother raccoon
Liz A. said…
Cats are great. But like with the critters, it does take some time to warm up to them.

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