The Yard so Far

Just a couple weeks ago this was
my view from the deck to 
the shed.

And right now this is the same view!
I love all the color!

Upon a suggestion I did one block
in all purple.

Then came another suggestion for
all blue.

So I just went for it and did an 
all green too.

Loving all this color in the 
yard. Still have a few more blocks
to go.

I got back from the beach on 
Sunday and was so surprised that
I was still feeling like going.
Course keeping in mind that I
am out of the winter months and
we have not made it to the summer
months yet. The weather has been
great with a slight breeze.
So...I was able to work in the 
yard for several days.

I widened my flowerbed a few
weeks ago, filled with dirt and planted.
Here are my painted blocks.

I have lemon sage, basil, cilantro, rosemary, 
and spearmint.
Still need to pick up some oregano and 
I lost to plants of lavender and I want to 
replace that.

I planted some pepper seeds from
some dried pepper plants from my 
brothers house. 

My mother loves zinnia's, red ones and 
it is almost impossible to find them.
I found seeds for red ones, they went
in the dirt along with marigolds, cone
flowers, .....and other stuff that at this moment
is not coming to me. 

This is my vinca vine rwoing up
the baby bed springs....I also
have some Egyptain Bean vine that
will be climbing up it also.

Decorations on the shed.


Plants coming back from last

I picked this peace up a few years
ago at Goodwill.
Iron~ I applied a solar light
to the inside of it.

Here is a stepping stone 
I made years ago.

And a boarder brick I made.

 My ivy is growing nicely.

And there is my wildflower that
I made.


Theresa gave me a couple of iris
plants from some that once belonged
to her mom....they are so 

About 15 more buds to open.

Carpenter Bees that I deal with 
every year.

Course I have to add fun to the garden

Hope you enjoyed part of the tour of 
my yard.


Brian said…
TIs the season and things are looking good in your neck of the woods!
Sandee said…
I love your colorful stepping stones. They are wonderful and they make me smile.

Thanks for sharing your garden with me.

Have a fabulous day. ♥
JEN Garrett said…
I love the color you've added to your yard - What an amazing artist you are!
I can't decide which is my favorite part. I'm usually really bad at gardening, but surprisingly a few seeds have sprouted up. Probably no thanks to me, but plenty of thanks to Mother Nature, lol.
Jeanie said…
I'm loving your yard -- especially your stepping stones and sun but that iris is pretty magnificent too!
Christine said…
lovely colourful stepping stones, great job!
Liz A. said…
I love those colorful stepping stones. Such a great idea.
NanaDiana said…
I am loving it!! Those blocks are fantastic and I love the colors of them. That is a great idea to plant in the cement blocks and paint the exteriors of them. All around a fun yard! xo Diana
Betsy said…
I like color and I do like purple. You have really been busy and all looks so nice. I like your artistic touch. I must get to work on mine.
Ann said…
Your yard is looking great. I love the colorful stepping stones. I can't decide if I like the multi-colored ones better or the ones that are all one color. I think it's a tie.
Rhodesia said…
Wow, everything looks wonderful and so full of colour, you have some great ideas. I love our carpenter bees, they are pretty friendly compared to the wasps!! Hope all is well, Diane
Sandra said…
I really need you to come and do something or anything in our yard. i would be embarrassed though for you to see it.. i love the polk dot stepping stone and love he cement block planters painted.
Rain said…
Hi Pam :) Your garden is so magical!!! I LOVE those stepping stones, how beautiful, you are one talented gal! :) Your herbs look great. I'm trying to grow mint from seed for the THIRD year in a row (last two years failed)...I would love to add some fresh homegrown mint to a mint julep on a hot summer day! Carpenter bees sound very annoying and destructive from what I've read. Sucks that you have to deal with them.
So nice to see these photographs of your garden, I really like the colourful stepping stones.

All the best Jan
I love the colorful blocks! And your plants are looking great. Isn't this time of year wonderful?

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