More on the Yard

If you are not a Star Wars fan 
the this will go right over your

I was scrolling through my pics
and ran across a couple more
laundry signs.

I stated that I hope my neighbors don't
do an intervention on me 
and my paints.....
course I think they would come
closer to an intervention on 
me gardening in the nude!!!
Wonder how this even became a 
thing for May 5th?

Wow.....lets not even go there, 
I think I will stick to clothes in the

I picked up the metal type thingy
at Goodwill a few yrs ago. I love
it in the garden. I have a ground 
cover like plant growing out of
it. The winter took its toll on some of
my plants so I lost most of this plant.

These things - no clue on the name grow
tall and bloom purple in the summer months.

They spread fast also. So they
are all over the flowerbed.

Love my rusty old bird. This was
purchased a few yrs ago from a 
friend of Chris', he is an amazing metal
artist. You can read about the 
day we went to visit Major here~

Planted some Rosemary.

I took up some rocks around my
hydrangea bushes since the grass
and weeds had taken over and decided
to just start cutting around the
bushes. That leaving me
with a lot of flat rocks.

I decided I wanted to try my
hand at a rock garden.

 So I hauled the rocks to the 
front of the house in my wagon and
here is the end result. 

I had also noticed this fern growning
next to my deck. Not a clue
where it came from but I 
took it up and put it on the 
rock garden.

I live in a zero lot line ( a home that has 
another home attached to one side of 
it). It is a townhome, I have a long backyard
and a smaller front. No side yard cause the
neighbors home is on one side and 
my driveway is on the other.

Does make it a tad harder to have 
a yard full of plants since most
people usually have to side yards.
But I make do.
The cool thing is I don't live in
a neighborhood with all the homes
being zero lot lines, I have two homes
on each side of our unit, plus there is 
only four of these units on 
my street, sitting between single
unit homes. 

Years ago I would always share
my plants with my neighbor.
This iris being one. Love this color.

This is a Clematis.
It should be busting out in bloom
anytime now.

 HAHA.....was sitting here on the deck and I see
movement in the yard. Usually if it is a squirrel 
I will tell Dakota and he will want off
the deck to chase.....

He spotted the movement at the same
time I did, I guess thinking
it was as squirrel he wanted out....
he chased and I am not sure when 
he would have done it he had caught 
cause this was a ground hog as big as
him! haha....Only the 
1st time I have seen it this yr...
and only two times last yr. Not sure
where it came from!

And one last message on this post...
If  you have not noticed in the time you 
have been reading my blog let me throw
this info out at you.....
if anything can go wrong with the body
that is old and out of normal it will
happen to me. 
First I suffer from Fibromyalgia.
Which if you are not aware of this 
you might want to jump on the 
net and read up on it. 
I had the issue with the silly
blood blister on my pinky that
got HUGE and out of wack which
required a visit to the doc to have it
cut off. 
I had an iris problem with my left
eye where I could not even handle
room light to enter that iris.
Oh I could go on and on....but
I will leave you with this.

This is what happens to my skin 
when certain pollen 
settles on it. 

Hard to see I know but this is 
a rash of raised bumps....and 
they itch. 
Once they hit my skin showering 
does not good, the damage is done.
And talk about how uncomfortable 
it is to have it settle in your hair....

Leaving you with that thought....
enjoy your day!

With that, I hope you do not suffer 
with crap like this....
Have a great day!


Sally said…
Pam, your rash looks kind of like shingles which I have come down with this week. It's probably not, though. I know it can be so irritating no matter what it is.

I's so sorry for the pain you are with the fibromyalgia. :(

I always love looking at the your photos. xoxo
Liz A. said…
Ah yes, May the 4th... Middle nephew's birthday. Good thing his father is into Star Wars.
Sandee said…
I love your yard, I love all the color in your yard.

Sorry about the skin and the itching. Awful.

Have a fabulous day and weekend. Scritches to the babes. ♥
Darla M Sands said…
I so feel for you suffering like this. ~hugs~ Thank you for sharing the lovely pictures.
Sandra said…
i had no idea you are not living in a big house with a big yard, it looks big to me. you do so much with it.. hope your neighbor on the zero side is a good one, we have had good and bad and now waiting to see what pops up, even though we have 30 feet between us, it still matters a lot noise wise.... hope the itchy stuff leaves soon
Rhodesia said…
I feel really sorry for you with that rash, I get them from time to time after being in the garden but luckily I do not make a habit of it!! Take care and enjoy the weekend Diane
Rain said…
Oh Pam, is that itchy or painful??? I get rashes now and then during the summer, they just pop up and then disappear a week later, pain in the butt and I have no idea what I could be allergic too! May the Fourth be with you too lol...I love your laundry signs, and I would only garden nude if I had my own land and a drone-free zone to boot lol...your garden is so lovely, obviously home is where your heart is. :)
Jeanie said…
Big bummer on the pollen -- sounds miserable. But the rest of it will be very pretty for your efforts! The fibro is awful but you keep on keeping on and I love that!
Christine said…
spring is lovely but it comes with skin problems like yours.
Brian said…
Yoda we love, wisdom he has. Maybe the you're allergic to the force!
Ann Thompson said…
I think I will pass on the nude gardening. It would not be a pretty sight and I would hate to upset the
Sorry about the rash. I bet it can't be easy keeping the pollen from touching your skin
NanaDiana said…
Love it. Tonight my 5 year old grandson is at a mom/son dance at his school. It is called May The Fourth Be With You! LOL He was just thrilled as he is all about Star Wars! xo Diana
Definitely clothes on when gardening!

Sorry to see that rash, hoping it will soon go.

All the best Jan

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