Lot to Blog About Today

For anyone in a different time zone, 
Happy Mom's Day to you.

Today would be my granny's bday. 
This is a pic of her holding my
daughter of 3 months. Amber is now 37.5
yrs old. 
Amber was able to know my granny cause
she was six when we lost granny 31 yrs ago
this past Feb.

Happy Bday Granny.

This is my dad.
We lost him 31 yrs ago today, on my
granny's bday. Amber was his first 
grandchild and this is her in the pic.

It was a rough yr that yr. I was 4 months pregnant
with my son Cory when we lost granny, 
6 months when we lost my ex's granddaddy.
And seven when we lost dad.

Moving on to more happier things.
I feel like this should be me.

 haha....with that said let me share
the finished project.

Not the yellow brick road to Oz
but the colorful stepping stone path
to the sunflower shed!

Its done!

My stones have been here for several
years so some have taken a hit with 
the mower so I just left them
as they were and painted them

I love them all but my fave
has to be the all purple.

This is how it looks while I
give my back a break before it

The view from the shed to the steps 
of the deck.

And yes, I got the yard mowed
yesterday also.

In moving some stones from up
around the front of the shed I 
found this broken one, and the other
piece was no where to be found...
but that is just fine it works for 
what I wanted anyway.

A place to place my grill and table.
These were on the deck, Lily loved
sitting on the grill to watch birds...
but once I fired it up the fear of her
jumping up on a hot grill bothered me.
So in the yard it went.

And just so you know, Dakota, AKA
THE KING does not earn his keep
in anyway! He suns right next to me
while I paint!
No help at all!

I have maters
(tomatoes)  on my 
patio size plant. They are suppose to 
be the tiny ones.

The blooms on my Purple Cherokee plant
look like they dried up and fell off, maybe 
there is a mater coming there soon.

But look at this
Only wished I could tell you what
it is. I planted willy nilly all over the 
garden and made NO notes as to what
anything is. I think they are my
red zinnias. But they could be cone flowers....
or this or that!

Do you think people would have 
a hard time knowing that 
purple is my fave color?

HAHA....does anyone else place
broken plates in the garden?
Just thought it added something.

This hangs in my crepe myrtle bush
tree in front of my deck, last year Dakota
and I ( Lily had not come to live with us yet)
enjoyed a family of babes that were
born there, this yr no one moved in. 

And look what I found peeking out from 
under that said tree.
I planted this last yr in a pot and since
I was told they liked to grow
under things I put it in a pot 
under the crepe myrtle. 

This spring it appears that some maple tree
seedlings dropped in the pot 
and started to grow and my plant
decided to wrap all around the 

Part of mom's Mothers Day gift
hanging in my tree. I got it over a 
week ago so I had to have a place to
put it. She loves the red flowers.

Have my hummingbird feeders hung
also. Only seen a hummer twice
so far.

One more shot of the finished project!
Can you tell I like it!!??

One last thing...May in Lupus Awareness
Month so if you know someone with 
that give them your love, they deserve it.
Today however is Fibro
Awareness Day so
wear your purple to support
us that have that!




Sally said…
Such a sad year you had, Pam. I'm so sorry.

I love your stepping stones, and the sunflower. Girl, you can do anything and do it well.

Happy Mother's Day, Pam. I hope you're treated like royalty, you deserve it.

Sandra said…
i was thinking this is more like a rainbow brick row, as in follow the rainbow brick road the sunflower shed....yep! i guessed you love purple and i also guessed Dakota doesn't hit a lick at a snake, just like Jake... it is not called dog days of summer for nothing... that is when dogs just lay and lay and lie and lie.. perfect for your grill
Sandee said…
Such precious memories of your granny and your dad. You made me think of many losses over the years.

I love your backyard. All that color is wonderful.

Dakota wants to be with you, but he doesn't want to work. Sounds about right.

Have a fabulous day and weekend. Big hugs to you and lots of scritches to Dakota and Lily. ♥
Christine said…
Happy Mothers Day Pam!
Jeanie said…
Happy Mother's Day weekend. I need to put in a walk that's colorful like yours -- but I think I'll paint it before laying in the stones!
Darla M Sands said…
That must have been a horrible year. So glad you still have your mother. I hope she's doing well and you all have a lovely day tomorrow. That path is so pretty. I recovered some stepping stones made many years ago. They sort of got buried in a little garden plot where I moved them hoping to suppress weeds. Guess what didn't work so well? Heh... I think you answered my question as to where you painted your pavers. I don't like sitting in the grass anymore, not after seeing some of the critters lurking around here. Especially after getting my pants legs and sneakers swarmed by pavement ants this morning. ~shudders~ Good thing they aren't aggressive. Be well, my dear.
Brian said…
We just love those colorful stones! Happy Mother's Day to Moms everywhere!
Ann said…
I just love your stepping stones. They are so colorful and fun. Your backyard looks great.
Jeanna said…
Oh Dakota, you have the right idea, lol. Looks marh va lous, sweetie and you've got a great pair of gams as my dad would say. That's a very young age to lose your father, I was lucky to have mine in my life until a few years ago. I keep thinking of starting a porch garden and the weather keeps telling me to be lazy about it because chances are things will freeze until we get a real spring or slip into summer.
Happy Mother's Day to you Pam.
Rhodesia said…
I will be away most of next week so if you do not find me following you know why, I am not taking the laptop with me!!! Take care and enjoy your week Diane

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