Happy Mothers Day and This and That

Here is hoping that all you amazing
moms out here in blog land have had
a great day.

Mine was nice. I spent it with
my mom, brother Ray, sis in law
Lori, nephews Cobi and Sean, niece
Jessica and my younger brother
came by on his lunch break.

It is so hard to buy for my mom,
she has all she wants and really
don't want anything but a card and
time. I gave her that plus chocolates 
and a plant for her deck. 

(old pic)

Just so you know...and I am sure
there are other families
out there like this

I annouced on here the other day
that I was going to be a great
aunt again (I am always a 
GREAT aunt)...haha

But I did not annouce it on FB cause
Paige had not annouced it yet.
So yesterday she put this up.

Due in Oct.

Yestrerday I just needed a day out.
I grabbed one of my best friends, Debbie
and my camera and off we went.

We ended up at Julia's bakery, another 
amazing friend. I was actually meeting
a girl there that bought some of 
Ambers wedding stuff. 
But I named that meet spot 
cause I love it up there.

And I picked up something while I was 
there to take to Ray and Lori's 
for lunch today.

Julie's mom's amazing fudge pie...
excuse me, the award winning fudge 
pie cause for years it was
entered in the local fair taking
home 1st place.

There was one piece, big enough to 
be two pieces when we left...
I lef that for Ray and Lori to share.

 My sweet brother did not want
to leave me out as a 
mom so I got these.

That was so sweet.

I have maters....
this is my cherry 
tomatoes.....oh yum!

My oldest grandson, like his nana
loves these. Once I had a plant
on the deck and I would get 
all excited with all the tomatoes
growing on it. 
Then one day they were 

Caleb really loved them, don't 
think I even got one that

Just a shot to give you a 
taste of the post for tomorrow.
While coming back from our
trip to the bakery, Debbie and 
I stopped and went through 
an abandoned home about
to be torn down....

Here is one shot I took.

I hope you all had a great


NanaDiana said…
Sounds like you had a wonderful day, Pam. It is really hard to buy for older relatives, isn't it? You are right-most want time and love. Which-I must be getting old because I don't want so many "things" anymore either. LOL

I got a beautiful plant from my daughter today, too, and she fixed a great brunch and had several family members there.

Have a wonderful night- xo Diana
Brian said…
Sounds like a darn good time! Happy Mother's Day from all of us!!!
Christine said…
Beautiful roses, happy Mother's Day!
Ann Thompson said…
Sounds like you had a fantastic mothers day. That fudge pie looks so good.
Sandra said…
abandoned homes make me sad, can't wait to see what you saw. i love old houses, even the ones falling down. sounds like a wonderful mothers day for all of you. looking at your mom, we know you will be beautiful as you age, she is so pretty.. that annoucment is pricelesss
Sally said…
So glad you have a nice Mother's Day, Pam.

I've never grown tomato's, although I guess I should try. But, with the dadgum grasshoppers abound they likely wouldn't make it. :)

Looking forward to the photo's of the house.

Sandee said…
What a lovely Mother's Day you had. Excellent.

Have a fabulous day and week. Big hug. ♥
I'm from the UK and our Mother's Day is tied to Easter, so it's a different date every year. This year was the first without my wonderful mother !who died in January. Love your blog, by the way!
Jeanie said…
What a wonderful way to announce a new baby! It sounds like you had a fabulous mother's day -- so glad it was happy!
Debbie said…
i don't need a thing either. i like a nice card and maybe a plant. flowers are nice but i prefer a plant that we live longer than flowers!!!

neither of my boys were home so mothers day was a little sad for me!!!

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