Art - Art on the Main

Back history on me and 
the artist in me~

I took art my last two years of 
high school. I painted two 16x20
paintings and thought I was really

I married, and there was not time
or money to put into painting
things. However later in my life
I started messing with crafts, nothing 
really new there since as a teen I did
needle point, embroidery, rug hooking 
and macrame. Over the years my crafting 
has evolved into trying so many things
but never settling on one. Hence the reason
my craftroom grew from a shelving unit 
to a whole and moving into the hall.

But when it came to paints, I owned 
acrylic craft paints that I messed with 
from time to time for little decorative

One day, I decided to invest in a very basic
set of color pencils....
And I started to draw just to past time.
I gave my mom a couple of those drawings.
Mom then started in on me! haha
Why don't you call around and find 
a paint class to take. 
"Okay mom, I will".
Never did even after being asked
several times. 

One day while visiting over at my brothers
home she noticed that down the street a few
doors and across women were going in a house
carrying CANVAS. So knowing my mom this
did not come as a surprise, she be bopped down
there to find out what was going on.

I was then presented with a phone number
of the woman that lived in that house, 
she taught painting, oils, at JoAnnes,
and places like Michaels, as well as
during the day at her home. But on Thursday 
night she held her one and only
night class at her home.

I was 42.
I went.
I bought paints.
And I started a new journey
in my life. 
I learned I could paint.

On Thursday nights there were about
10 regular folks, some came and went
others were there every Thursday night.
We had wine, we had treats, we
had friendship and a way to 
do something you loved and be out
with others that enjoyed doing what
you were doing.

With all that long intro....
I painted a man named David.
He was an amazing artist.
Since then, since 2004. he has moved
on and with the encouragement 
from Shirley, our teacher, he became
a teacher. He sold his car sales 
company, rented a building and 
opened an art studio for folks to 
come and paint.

Yesterday was there yearly 
"showing". I went. Not seen David
since him and I had paintings hung
in a gallery together, before 2004.

This years theme, was all about 
blooms. Everyone had to have a flower
pic but then they could do anything 
else they wanted. 

Yep....thinking I will need to make
a paint pallet thingy for my yard like

I was so impressed my the students
work and David as a teacher.
Shirley, who left this world a few
years ago would be so proud of him.

Some of the work I saw.

This next amazing piece was done by
a student at the Artist on the Main
(David's studio)
It was painted by Karen Hartley.
Karen painted with David and I
all those years ago. She is amazing.

Is this not so beautiful?

Another great piece by Karen.

And I really love this piece done by her 

This beautiful piece below
was done by David. 

We used to make fun of the fact
that David enjoyed painting women the
most and he very good at it.
The pic below is a piece of his.

Here are some more amazing
paints from David's teachings.


Upon my visit David encouraged me to 
start coming to paint there with his
group. Would love too....being around
people like that would be great again.
But....alas, fixed income, can't go that 
price. But something for me to maybe
work on and think about. I could
do day classes being retired or I could
do a night class. 

Thanks David for introducing me around
and for throwing each time that I was
a good artist. 
Hope that you enjoyed this amazing 
place and all the great art work.


thanks for showing these wonderful paintings. I love arty crafty stuff but am no artist in the sense of being able to draw.
Rhodesia said…
Excellent, I really like the first one best of the coffee jug and mug on the stool. It looks like a much older style and aged which I really like. Take care Diane
Brian said…
That is very cool and all of those are beautiful. My Dad wishes he could do that, but he can't even paint a wall properly.
Darla M Sands said…
How cool! You are so talented, my dear, that you could probably be a teacher. I understand the fibro would put a damper on that idea. ~hugs~ Perhaps you could just schedule time with him as a friend? Or some others? I understand the fixed income situation. And one thing you do not need are lessons. ~nods~ Interestingly, the woman who bought my parents' one little house in Florida turned the shed into a painting workshop, installing a large window with my father's help. She teaches Bob Ross style painting. Be well!
Sandra said…
these are truly AMAZING! what talent, all of them are just so beautiful. my favorites are the first stool with the teapot, the fireplace and the blue cloth on the round table. but all of them i would gladly hang in any room of my house.. i wondered how you learned to paint and now we know. so glad you shared this with us and i would love to have visited with you to see all this art on main
Christine said…
What a wonderful art show, good for your friend!
Jeanie said…
It's so inspiring to see the beautiful work of David and his students and how lovely you could reconnect. I think I might see some painting here in future!
Ann Thompson said…
There are some wonderful paintings there. I really like the ones by Karen. I find her style really appealing. I really love the one with the sunflowers. I can do all kinds of crafty things but pairing isn't one of them. I would love to be able to
Sally said…
How awesome! I'm so glad you shared this with us, Pam! Beautiful paintings, but you're an amazing artist yourself. You could teach people! If I lived there, I'd want you to teach me!

So, how about it? You being the teacher? YES!

Billie Jo said…
Those paintings are beautiful!!!!!!
Sandee said…
I knew you were very crafty, but I didn't know you're an artist.

That's some beautiful paintings. Wow. I'm impressed with all these folks' work. Too bad you can't get back into doing what you love so much.

Have a fabulous day. ♥
Liz A. said…
Amazing work.
Denise inVA said…
Hi Pam, I enjoyed this post as I love looking at artwork. Lovely that you have this talent at your fingertips, and thank you for sharing all those incredible works of art.
Where would we be without art?

Fabulous collection you've shown us, thank you so much.

All the best Jan

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