Saturday - April 7

Happy Wedding 
Amber Jackson
Will Howell!


Cake made
and icing done.
Going on record to say....

I ended up using 9 cake mixes....YEP
you read that right.
I did some reading before starting.
Although the new cake plans are
thick making a wedding cake 
usually takes two layers of each pan.
SO.....I have two 12 inch, 2-10,
and 2-8.
Also I read that to make a cake
more bakery like add an extra egg than
what the box calls for. 
So each cake took 4 eggs. 

When it came to icing, butter cream,
I had an issue getting that stuff thick 
enough. Anyway.....

Decorating will come right before
putting the cake out.
I found that the oil in the butter 
was bleeding on the ribbon so I 
felt it best to wait.  

Before starting the icing making 
I put on my Julia's Homestyle Bakery 
shirt in hopes that Julie's talent would
rub off on me!

Well of course I had to make the pic
look good so I patted powdered sugar on 
my face!

Julie I do not hold you responsible for how
the cake came out!
Taste test today!

Okay, one question and please forgive
the way I ask it~

Temps dropped to the 20's last night.
Temp right now (as I shiver) 
35 degrees!
Good thing that Amber could not 
find that place at a discount to have the 
wedding outside today!

Oh yes, parts of TN today has snow falling!

 Last night I decided to decorate a couple
more pots for the yard.
I am going to have the most colorful
yard around!

 I was surfing PINTEREST (as usual)
last night and saw this...
My SIL needs this.
She is quilter!

But I would love to have it without
the saying on the shade.

Well.....I have things I need to get up
and do. Need to get up and move it.
Wait, I still have

to finish up and I need it. I can't get warm
this morning. Plus, I need that kick in 
the rear to get me moving.

Pics later...


Brian said…
Now they can have their cake and eat it too!
Sandra said…
i always enjoy what you find but rarely would like to own them even though i like them. the lamp i love and would sit in my house.. to cool. love the pet pots. MOL BOL... and good luck with the cake and i wsih a blessed time for the wedding and hope the snow doesn't effect it... waiting to see what you see and the finished cake
Christine said…
May all their dreams come true!
Sandee said…
You look all tuckered out doing that cake. I wouldn't know where to start. I applaud people that can pull off a wedding cake.

The weather here is winter too and I live in central California. It should be nice and warm by now. We are having storm after storm and we have standing water in our yard. That's too much rain.

Have a fabulous wedding. We want pictures. ♥
Ann Thompson said…
I wondered the same thing about spring. Love that lamp. I have a friend who is a quilter and that would be perfect for her. Look forward to seeing pictures from the wedding
Darla M Sands said…
You are so cool. I figured the mess on your face was contrived. ~evil grin~ Looks like something I would do. Be well!
Happy wedding day to your daughter! How brave you are to make the cake, Pam. ♥
NanaDiana said…
Happy Wedding! You made the wedding cake? Holy Cow!!! xo Diana
Liz A. said…
Wait, no cake pics?
Jeanie said…
Oh my! Well, we will look forward to seeing the final cake on display and so very much more!
Rhodesia said…
You are always soooooo busy. Take care Diane
baili said…
I loved your photo with cream on face ,you still look so GORGEOUS!

Congratulations for the daughter's wedding my friend!

9 cake mixes???

must be tiring ,i agree the decrating part is more challenging

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