Laundry Sign and 40th Grads!

it is a iffy rainy morning here in
Nashville, TN..
Rained all day yesterday when
a cold front came thru.
Once again, Mother Nature is having
another hot flash I guess.

Was surfing my home page on 
yesterday and saw this


I just thought it was a cute saying.

Me and my friends as we age!!

I am really trying....trying to stop
roadside and Goodwill shopping. 
Just no sense in keeping all this stuff
that I never get around to making.

Remember the crochet table cloth I found
for 5 bucks at Goodwill. I love it but
then I saw this.

I love it.
I count about 22 ties!
Might have to do a 1/2 off Saturday
at Goodwill..
(see what I mean, just said I was trying
to stay out of that place!)!!

I would not make this but it is 
neat. Made from ties.

Something like this would  be perfect 
for my sis in law.

Remember this frame I made
for my 40th reunion coming up?

Well last night we had a meeting. Got invites 
folded and labeled. They will go in the 
mail tomorrow.

Anyway at the end of the meeting we did 
a selfie, or usie?
I sat the timer on cell and propped it
up to get this shot!

That would be me in the back on the left.
Charles next to me, and that is Jerry 
popping that Q ball in, Cindy on the bottom
left. Danny, Cindy's hubby, in the center and 
Dawn last. 
Dawn lives in the subdivision that is next
to mine and I dug her up so hosta just
last week, she ran by on the way home to
pick them up. 

Cindy and I grew up just a house between
us. We were really good friends. 
She was head over heels in love with 
Danny way back then. He took her
to the prom, but they went their separate ways.
Cindy never married and Danny was divorced 
when they hooked up about 20 yrs ago at 
the planning of a reunion, dated and married!

When I went to work for the TN School for the Blind
in 2016 I was so shocked sitting in the auditorium
for the superintendent to speak and I look
up on stage feeling like I am back in the
70's. I see Jerry's son Jerry Jr. (teacher) and it
was like looking at his dad all over again!

I love that folks at DuPont have stayed in 
touch, facebook bringing so many of us
back together. I love that we live in an area
and time that allowed us to go to a great 
school with on 300 graduates in 1978.

Our school colors were red and 
white. What were your school colors?

Jump over and check out what the 
furbabes have been up to..

Anyway, here is hoping you have a great day.


Sandra said…
love the ussie... and we were Warriors with red and silver colors but way back in 1962 not 78, i can barely remember that far back..
Brian said…
Oh yea, that laundry room is always busy here.
Darla M Sands said…
What a lovely group photo! It made me smile. Thank you for sharing. And Happy Crafting! By the way, that's adorable showing Dakota in the photo frame.
Rhodesia said…
To think we threw all my husbands ties away when he retired!! Love the 'selfie' That frame worked well. Take care Diane
NanaDiana said…
Love all the tie items but don't know if I would ever make any of them for How wonderful that all of you stay connected after all these years. My graduating class had about 30 students in it--small class.
Hope you have a wonderful time at y9our upcoming reunion. xo Diana
Such a fun post, Pam. The quotes, the ties, the happy smile, love them all.
Christine said…
Lovely tie art! Beautiful group photo!
Ann said…
I think I have that saying about craftaholic on the road to recovery saved on one of my Pinterest boards. It cracked me up.
Love the Dresden plate table topper. I've seen templates for making them but I'm pretty sure it is out of my skill range.
My school colors were blue and white
I just love the ussie ...
That frame worked so well.

Looking back to my school colours - they were navy blue and yellow.

All the best Jan
Looks like your friends from high school are still good friends. Have a wonderful time reuniting with the rest of your class. Love the tie ideas! Especially the table topper. ♥
Betsy said…
You have given me a great idea for my husbands ties. The table topper is great. I also thought the Christmas tree was good too.
Liz A. said…
Our school colors were red and white, too. Well, red and gold. With white. Sort of.

But I identify more with the colors of the schools I work at now. Burgundy and gold. Navy and gray. And red and black. Scary how I know that ;)

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