Happy Day After Easter.....Raining Again

I was tagged in FB yesterday on this project....
Now that is a cool idea.
You use the color that falls 
within the temp that day. 
Crochet for 365 days.
Best I would think if you started
Jan. 1 on this project.

Hoping you had a great
Easter. Mom and I drove to 
Ray and Lori's house for lunch.
Jessica (niece) and her BF was there,
Sean and Cobi (nephews) were there.
Ray and Lori and mom and I.
Ham, baked beans, corn casserole and 
homemade scalloped potatoes!
It was all so good.

Yesterday being Easter....I totally
missed the fact that it was also
April Fools Day!

Well....5 days and counting till
the wedding.
Amber works with a woman that, like
me plays at being a photographer.
She was going to photograph
at the wedding, and offered to
help me out but I always take
my best friend Debbie as my 
helper. But with doing the
cake for Amber I decided that taking
the pics might also be biting off 
more than I could handle....cause as we
know, we never know how my body
will play along, so I decided to 
turn all photos over to Janice. 

I have been doing some internet
reading on wedding cakes...

I have learned some interest things. 

I will not be baking in this but I 
would love having this instead of my
stove! I found this at an antique store
the other day. 

The other day when I had the 
Nikon out I took it to the barn.
Caught a few pics while
out there.

Then later I took a ride to the lake
and saw this guy "fishing"!

More pics at Chris' place the other

Finishing up the strange and useful kitchen 
gadget pics today...

I want to get one of the
below gadgets... 

 Mother Nature is still 
not playing pretty with us here
in Nashville. Started out with
rain yesterday and had it off and
on all day.
Today...started out with
rain again....
45 degrees and I just
want to sleep.

Things to do though.

Hoping you have a great day.


Darla M Sands said…
I am very proud of you for handing over photography duties. ~hugs~ I know that must have been hard. Thank you for sharing so much. Great post and such beautiful photos!
Sharon said…
Whoa, wedding cakes! I love wedding cake, haha. I made 5 for family and friends - loved the decorating, but actually baking the cakes, not so much.
This dreary weather is getting real old!
Rain said…
Hi Pam :) Happy belated Easter! :) Hope you had a great day! I love those gadgets, especially the dog but wipe dispenser, too funny...I hope Amber's hand is better. And I love your herb planters! The photos you posted today are beautiful! I need some of those KEEP OUT signs lol...I'd put them all over the place here lol. I think if I took up that 365 day challenge, I'd have to be starting with purple this morning...my gosh it's cold out lately. Jack is doing SO much better! Thank you for asking and caring! He's getting restless in the cage and it's only been 3 days eek...27 to go. His tail came up while he was pooping today so that's a good sign! :)))
Your dinner for Easter sounds so good Pam. We too had a wonderful dinner. I always cook big for Sunday dinner so Easter dinner was no exception. Best ham I have baked though in a long time. Dang, trying to remember the name of that ham now. LOL! Looks like you are a busy gal as me. Love all the pictures. Are you going to try your hand at cake decorating? I bet you could do it no doubt. Hugs and blessings, Cindy
Sandee said…
Get all the rain out of the way so there's no rain for the wedding. That's what is happening. Just saying.

Love the kitchen gadgets. Very clever.

Please take a picture of the wedding cake. I would love to see it.

Have a fabulous day and week. ♥
Love the crochet idea
Christine said…
Wow 3 days to the wedding, so exciting.
Sandra said…
i would love to have the stove just as a decoration.. it is beautiful... sorry about the weather, our is beautiful, but we still need rain.. a little to warm for me
Ann said…
I saw that crochet blanket on facebook. That's a really cool idea. Good for you turning over the photography duties. Wouldn't want to overdue not to mention you wouldn't have any time to enjoy the wedding too.
Liz A. said…
That's a great afghan idea, although for my area I would totally have to change the temperature range. The bottom two would never get used and there would be probably a solid month at the top color. Not cool.

Glad the wedding is coming along.
Jeanie said…
Beautiful photos and a great blanket. I love it. And good on the photos. Counting down -- hang in there. It will be wonderful!
Sally said…
Good for you, Pam, letting someone else do the photos; I just hope they'll be as good as you would take.

I cannot wait to see the cake, and I'm praying you'll be up for all the festivities. Can't believe either the wedding coming up so fast! I know it will be wonderful.

Take care, Pam.
It really is countdown to the wedding! Exciting!

I enjoyed seeing your photographs, thank you.

All the best Jan
Rhodesia said…
I have a pair of those multi-blade scissors and I have to admit I rarely use them! The wedding is arriving very quickly!!!!! Cheers Diane

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