Better Day after my little
issue with the coffee this morning I
actually did have a better day.

I actually laughed while I cleaned
up my mess with the coffee and
I actually think that helps. 

I even felt really good today, which
might be an issue tomorrow as we all
know. I tend to have a good day and 
I try to get EVERYTHING done.

With that said....
I cleaned the kitchen, washed some dishes

I left in the sink over night, did some facebooking 
and blogging, drank my coffee

 on the 
deck with the kids even though the 
temp was a bit different today.

I loaded up a box of cut logs 

and some
rocks for the vases at Amber's wedding
and met her at mom's. 
From there I came home and 
pulled out my push mower. I have
always had issues with starting it, 
pull cord is too tight. My friend that works
on mowers told me to just pull it till
it got tight, stop then jerk it. Don't try to 
do it all in one pull. I did what he said and
it started right up. It was nice and cool out
so I did just fine cutting. With that done I 
unloaded my
car of things I keep in it and went to 
the car wash to vac it  out.
You see, I have been hauling hay in 

the back of it and it looked
like a small farm back there.
Put a buck 25 in the vac and realized
that my vac at home had more suction
to it then that one was doing. 
Home again, and out came my
vac. It took awhile to get the hay out
but after a bit I managed. 
Wiped down everything and I was

Cleaned up my mess cause you know
you always make a mess when
cleaning stuff. Came in cause I needed
to run to the store. In need of 
strawberries, why, for the grooms 
cake. Oh did I mention that I was
making that also?
Stopped at the local Aldi's since it
reopened today from being closed for the last t
wo months to renovate. 

Left there and was starting to get
worn out. So I went home and 
popped a frozen pizza in the oven 
then I made my mistake, I sat down.
Yep, that got me. The shower after that
did not help either so .....

I finally stopped. I still have cakes
to make but that can wait till
the morning hours.

Here are a few things I found 
surfing Pinterest

I wonder if it really works?

Yep, this is how I feel.
Love my flops.

Not tired this but its worth a try.

Last but not least, 
my 5th grade pic, can you 
locate me?

Hoping you had a great day 


Ann said…
WOW, you got a lot accomplished. I need a nap just from reading it I've never tried those vacuums at the car wash. I've always just vacuumed my vehicles at home.
Sandra said…
amen on the slippers of the south... oh nooooooooo on the coffee, not sure i could laugh. been there done that and i don't remember laughing. i have also put the water in but not coffee grounds, put the coffe in but not the water.
Jeanie said…
I wish I'd known about that egg boiling thing before Easter! That's a terrific hint.

Glad today is a bit better and hope it keeps going that way! You've got big plans coming up!

Christine said…
You are a busy bee! Thanks for the life hacks.
Christine said…
I like the glass slipper one too.
Darla M Sands said…
Hay. In your car. That's a new one. I grew tired just reading this! Take care of yourself, my dear.
Rhodesia said…
Wow, you really are so busy. Do not overdo it you will regret it if you do!!!
Sorry about the coffee!! Keep well Diane
Sandee said…
I'm glad you had a great day yesterday. The coffee pot overflow? I've done that so many times I've lost count.

I didn't know about the banana peels and whiter teeth. I do now.

I told hubby about the baking soda and boiling eggs. He says thank you.

Have a fabulous day. ♥
Brian said…
My Dadcat couldn't get very far without his coffee!
Liz A. said…
So, the question is, do you do too much on your good days, or will you have a good day followed by a bad day? If it's the first, then you might want to slow down. But if it's the second, then you've got a good system going. I hope you have a good day tomorrow.

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