Being Different w/ Painted Pots and Wedding Cake

I am different and I love it.
Chris, the guy I used to date told
me the other day that I was 
different and I thanked him.

Something I forgot to mention the
other day when I was doing 
everything...grass and car. I 
took the latch apart on my lift back,
(used to be called a hatchback). 
A couple weeks ago I went to 
slam it shut and something was in the
way, I have been driving around
with the lift back tied down. 
Anyway, took it apart and played
around with it and got it working
again. In telling Chris this he 
said that women can do more
than they try, like me. Then he went
on to say  that he just knew when he
taught me to weld that I would jump 
back and drop the wand once I hit the 
first bead. I did not. He said he knew
men that did and he just knew I would.
That is where the term DIFFERENT 
came in. 

Chris and I dated for a couple of years,
we are just friends now. Matter of fact
Misfire is at Chris' place so I am out there
all the time. Chris works for Metro Water
but on the side he works on small engines, 
like lawnmowers.  He has a rider that someone
traded him for work that he is fixing up for 
me right now. My brother used to do my yard
but Mark is working full time these days 
so I needed to take on my own yard again...
been years!

With all that said, Chris also told me a 
week or so ago that I would never know 
how much he loved me and unlike his
two wives (ex's) and other women he
dated, he respected me. 
That was so sweet and touched 
me do much. 

Now....moving on I have to tell this story
also. The other night T (Theresa) and I 
went to dinner. We were sitting in the Mexican
place eating when this adorable little girl came
running up and said, "hi" to T and then gave
her a big hug, then she did the same to me and 
when she pulled back from the hug she looked
at me and said,
"you pretty"!
Out of the mouths of 4 year olds!
Mom and dad were at the table down from 
us, watching and smiling.

But one of the best....I was going to moms
the other day. Radio on and turned up.
I do what I call seat dancing!

Young guy drove up next to me and smiled
really big. When we got to the stop light
I rolled down the window, he did too and then
I told him, " When the music moves
move!" He smiled and said, "you made my day"!
I love making others smile!

Okay....moving on again and off the 
subject of ME....

Did you know that if you have a childs
sand box, if you put cinnamon in the 
sand and mix it up it will keep
the bugs out?

I do not have a child's sandbox
but I just found this so interesting. 

So my house is a mess. A total mess. 
I have been trying to get rid of things and 
get some order to my life for the 1.5 yrs I have
been retired but you guys have seen the 
roadside shopping I have instead
of getting rid of, I am adding too.
With that said, when I should have been 
cleaning yesterday I decided to create.
I needed a break from what I needed to 
do to what would make me feel good.

So I had this clay pot sitting around, new
and never used so I decided my yard 
needed a pop. One of my goals for the year
add color to the yard!

Now I ask you, is this not adorable?

I also pulled another pot from outside
in to do something popping with it.

Good thing paint will wash off my plate!

Yesterday when leaving the house I stepped
off my porch step and my foot hoovered
in mid air for a second.

Apparently while cutting the day before
the blade must have thrown this 
guy up on the stepping stone.

This guy hung on fishing wire at 
I must have dropped him when taking
stuff down and hid in the grass.

Haha.....took me aback!

Yesterday I finished up baking.

Today I will be making butter cream icing
and doing some decorating. 
This should be interesting, keep in 
mind, I have NEVER done a 
wedding cake before!

When reading up on doing wedding cakes
I found out that instead of one layer each
size you needed two. I had planned on doing
a 12, 10, 8 and 6. But with that info I 
decided to go with 12, 10 and 8.
Thinking our guest will be taking
cake home with them. I was going
to do a surprise grooms cake but
Amber and I decided last night that we
are good with just this one!

Wish me luck. 

In reply to Liz's question~ do I over do on my 
good days! Yes, I do. The good days are fewer
and further between then the bad so I do try
to get a lot done on the good days cause
they don't come around that often, I take it 
and run with it.
Yesterday, I did nothing!

But with that said, since the weather is not 
so freak'n cold these days the pain of the days
are not so intense. 
Speaking of which, the wedding tomorrow
was to be outside. Months ago Amber
had problems finding an outdoor place
that would not cost a pretty penny. They
decided to go with their church. 
Good thing....
tomorrow chance of snow!



Sandee said…
I can't wait to see the cake.

I love the flower pots. Way cool and very colorful. they will look awesome in your yard.

Looks like you made some great impressions in your travels. It's good to be compliments.

Have a fabulous day and weekend, my friend. ♥
Jeanie said…
Wow- you are a brave woman making the cake but I bet you'll make it fabulous!

Loved hearing about Chris. I've been lucky to stay on friendship terms with past guys and it's so much nicer than being angry with them forever. Very nice to be loved AND respected!
Sandra said…
every single post I read by you I always think you will never, ever, never be bored with life. you lead such a varied and entertaining life, even when home alone with your babies. cute smile on the pot.
Ann Thompson said…
Good luck with the cake. Can't wait to see how it turns out. I've decorated plenty of cakes but I've never done 3 tier wedding cake
Christine said…
Your cake already looks amazing, can't wait to see it finished.
I believe in different.
Darla M Sands said…
Good luck on the cake! You rock, my unique friend. Hope today finds you well as can be.
Rhodesia said…
Tha cake will be fantastic. With your artistic skills I am really looking forward to seeing it. Take care Diane
Liz A. said…
I hope the wedding went well. Love those pots.

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