Weather and Animals

This is interesting.
I had no clue, can't say I even
ever noticed that bell peppers had
3 or 4 bumps. 

If this was true...
I am off the 

Before I get into the weather here
in the Nashville area today let me 
just go on the record by stating that
this is how I feel.

HAHA...this is what we woke to
this morning. And two days ago it
was 68 degrees.
Yes, it is only a dusting where I am 
at but other areas in Nashville the ground
was covered. 

ENOUGH Mother Nature.

But even with that, we are lucky.
Sal, a friend of mine that lives in 
Dorothy NJ sent me these pics of
his yard via text yesterday.

Oh my about Mother
Nature trying to cool off from a hot
flash! Brrr......that looks so CoLd!

I stopped at a tree across the street
from my mom two days ago and took
these pics.

Spring in full bloom.

Took this out by my brothers pond

If you missed that last statement about
my brothers pond......let me just
tell you, yes, I am house sitting again.
This time, not so long, I came up
yesterday and I will be here till
Sat. afternoon.

This is the site I had driving up Ray's
driveway yesterday.
Six of them standing there
watching me as I drove up the 

I am down to only two dogs at Ray's this
time. They took Moose and Oakley with 
them. I have Maggie and Chole with 
me, and of course Dakota and Lily,
Penney, the cat and the two birds.

Speaking of birds....Chris, owner of the 
barn where Misfire lives has acquired 
some chickens and roosters.
Check out this BIG guy.

Chris says they are friendly but there is
NO way I am going to get close
to this guy to find out.....check out the 
talons on him! He would rip me apart.

Hoping Mother Nature is not playing
with you guys too bad. I know if you
live in the New England states you have
been hit hard.

Have a good day, 



Love that rooster.
Christine said…
enjoyed your post today, great fact about those peppers, I will check.
Rhodesia said…
Ha ha I have never heard of a cockerel attacking someone feet first but I guess it could always happen !! Love those deer, wish we had some close by but too much hunting goes on in the farming areas. Take care Diane
Sandra said…
I don't do birds, especially roosters or gobbler turkeys, i was attacked by a rooster at age 2 and a big white turkey with spurs at age 8. the gender thing is not true, i verified it when i saw it on FB.. something someone made up to post on fb. this wildy fluctuating weather is crazy. up and down like a roller coaster... we use heat to drive to the YMCA at 5:30 am and at noon we use AC in the car. not snow or ice, but our temps have been record highs and record lows. crazy
Liz A. said…
The weather has been rather back and forth a lot lately, hasn't it?

I think the rooster is more afraid of you than you are of him. You're way bigger ;) (I say this as someone who avoids the geese that have nested around where I live. They're smaller than me, but vicious.)
Jeanie said…
Who knew? I love peppers!

Wow -- serious snow in the east. And I was complaining...
Sandee said…
We're on a weather roller-coaster too. Oh well. We do have blooms here too and it's been warm here and there, but it's back to cold and rain.

Have a fabulous day house sitting. ♥
Ann Thompson said…
I've heard that before about peppers but then I read somewhere else it wasn't true. I've never paid much attention to it
Darla M Sands said…
Great post! And you always matter to me, my dear. The friend I mentioned is in the UK, actually, so we've never met in person. But I have good news! His extreme bout of chronic pain has loosened its grip a tiny bit. I know you can appreciate that. To be honest, he encroached upon suicidal thoughts, which have lessened much to everyone's relief. Be safe around the horses and take care of yourself. ~hugs~ Be well, my dear.
Lovely to read your post and see the different photographs.
The weather sure has been mixed!

All the best Jan
Sharon said…
Being in transition is always full of surprises. Notable amount of frost this morning, I'm ready for another swing into warmer weather!

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