Snipped and Clipped to Spring

Tis the season

Yep, they come into my home
in the spring for 
25 yrs

I have tried this, it will kill them on
contact, if you spray it on them
but it will not stop them from
coming in.

I am not and have never been
Yesterday I was up and out
of the house at 6:00 am!
I was taking the barn kittens
to the Pet Community to be 

Everyone at the Pet Community was 
amazing! So good with all the pets
that came in, and there was
a lot. See the Pet Community works
on grants and donations.
To spay a cat it is $30 each or whatever
you can afford. Well, I took up money
from those that rent at the barn so
grant money was not used.

You all have met Socks before.
He is the one male kitten.
He is so pretty and like the other
two he has learned that he likes
me to scratch him behind the 
ears. He is the bigger of the three,
8 lbs. 

This is Princess.
Poor little Princess had a litter aborted 
yesterday. But that is okay, we did not
need a litter at the barn, and this way 
Princess gets to cont to be a kitten
for a bit longer.

I totally love her eyes.
Princess weighed in at 7 lbs and some
odd ounces.

And now, my fav....
This is Tigeress. Loves to be loved on.
Tigeress weighed in at 5 lbs and some odd

The barn babes are back at the barn.
I put them up in the tack room last night
with food and water, blankets to lay on 
and I will go back around noon
to let them out. 

After letting the babes out I will 
head 25 mins down the road to see
a woman that will be cutting off
my dress for the wedding and hemming it.

It was long on my aunt, longer on me
but I am having it cut off
to tea lenght. 

Leaving you with some Nashville 

Found this little
right in the middle of the pasture
the other day.

It caught my attention.

 But this is the site I wish to leave 
you with. 

With this beauty comes .....stuffy nose,
headache, gunty eyes....
tis the season to be

Have a great day!


Sandee said…
What a good thing to do for the barn kitties. I linked this post to Feline Friday. Nice looking kitties.

Ants, we hate them too, but I didn't know about Febreze. I'm on it.

Have a fabulous day and weekend. ♥
MadSnapper said…
good idea, i like tea length better than long. good idea on the collecting fund and taking care of what needed to be done. they are so beautiful, all of them. love the faces, excellent photos. you done good on the job and the pics
Jeanie said…
Love your beautiful cat photos. What a good cause that was. And sorry for your ants. I feel your pain.
Christine said…
your dress looks beautiful! Yep ants are coming.
Darla M Sands said…
Good job! That must be sad to have the kittens aborted. I didn't know that was a thing, though I understand and support allowing the young cat to stay a kitten, and healthier. One thing unknown until my former stray Luna got breast cancer was that she was pretty much doomed as soon as she gave birth. ??? Miss her still. You're so beautiful in the dress. And gorgeous pictures!
Ann Thompson said…
Wow only $30 to spay a cat. That's an awesome price. Wish we had something like that here. That tree is so pretty. Can't wait to start seeing that. We're covered in snow right now
Love the tip on Febreze killing ants. I wonder if it will work as well out in the garden. The cats are adorable.
Rhodesia said…
Great set of photos. Wow so much blossom on a tree at this time of the year. Cheers Diane
Sally said…
You're such a kind animal lady, Pam!

I love your dress; you're gonna be the belle of the wedding!

Liz A. said…
Used to have such ant issues. But since I moved to the place I'm at now, no ant issues. I'm not sure why, but it's so nice.
Angie said…
Beautiful cats. Reminds me so much of a barn cat we adopted when she was several years old, but she adapted very well as an inside cat. We miss her so much!
Red Rose Alley said…
I've never heard that about Febreze and ants, that's interesting. I haven't had the ants come around yet this year. Hello Sock. What a pretty kitten you are. Oh, the pink blossom tree is so pretty, Pam. They are starting to bloom in my area as well, and it always says, "Spring has arrived."

Happy March days. : )


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