Reuse that Tin Can

Good Morning folks!

Yesterday while washing dishes I
had a see I wash out
the tin cans that dog food and cat 
food comes in and I toss them over
in my recycle bin.
I seem to use a lot of cans.
So being a recycler the thought
came to me as to what I could do
with some of them.

Check out what they can be used
for during holidays.

I made one of these at Christmas
this yr. But mine had a black belt
like Santa does. 

(all pics in this blog today are
thanks to the internet)

Cute for pumpkins
with candles in them.
Be adorable to line the sidewalk
or driveway!

Another thought..

You could also make some really
nice things to hold pens,
pencils and paper clips on your desk.
Little scrapbook paper.

Or for me....organize craft 

I love this one above! 

Or maybe for plants that don't
require a lot of root space. have to know that I
love this idea above!

I would probably use this one for pens and 
pencils or maybe plants.

The kids would love helping to make
these....then knocking them 
down with a ball.
Or even a bag made with 
popcorn or rice in them.

If you entertain outside during the 
summer this is also a 
cute idea. 

Or maybe you like feeding the 

If you are like me and you 
find you have a hard time
hanging onto brushes.

Cat food cans are perfect for
making a small clock!

Looks like the feet on that might
be small lids off something 
else. I might....just might
have to throw one of these
together for fun....when I 
get other stuff done!

And I think maybe I will
do one of these also.

The way this is made I think
it turns in the wind!
I would however have to paint

And how about some redneck

Do you recycle?
Is recycling where you live easy to
do and get to?

I have to consider taking my
recycle stuff off today before
it takes over the kitchen.
I have made Wed. my day
of doing that but .....
the last few weeks it has been
raining every Wed....
we have sunshine today!


Sandee said…
These are beautiful. If you didn't know some of these were made out of tin cans you'd never guess. Beautiful. I'm so amazed at the talent some folks have.

Have a fabulous day. ♥
Sally said…
Oh gosh, Pam, those are all adorable. Now you have me thinking "maybe I could do those". LOL

As though I haven't got enough going through my mind, I now have what I could do with tin cans. lol
Brilliant ideas, thankyou
MadSnapper said…
the crushed painted cans are my favorite and 2nd place is all the cans below that photo growing flowers and things. i also like the idea of the paint cans, using the other cans could be lethal if not careful.
Liz A. said…
So many clever people on Pinterest. You included.
Rain said…
Hi Pam :) I LOVE all of those ideas, especially the colourful planters. I think this would work very well for some herbs! Nice! I recycle and compost and reuse-reuse-reuse!! I try to live a frugal life, where I'm gently walking on this Earth without disturbing her too much. We have recycling and composting bins and pick up here in the village. I think though that when we move out to a more remote location we'll have to drop it all off, which will make reusing things much more motivating! :) Enjoy your sunshine!!! We need it! :)
Wow Pam - aren't these ideas wonderful. I so enjoyed seeing them and how creative people can be.

We do re-cycle, but maybe I will hold on to some cans! LOL!

Great post.

All the best Jan
Ann Thompson said…
There are some really cute ideas here. There is a church nearby that takes items for recycling but I think only certain things
Darling ideas, Pam. We have single stream recycling that makes it so easy to toss cans, bottles, papers and cardboard all into one bin. But making something from recyclables is even better. ♥
Christine said…
you are so creative! We are forced to recycle in Toronto, they limit our actual garbage at pickup time.
Pam, it is amazing what you can do using just a little imagination. All of the can designs are too cute. Thanks for you visit. Happy Wednesday..Judy
Darla M Sands said…
Wow! We only need bag our recyclables separate from trash here. My family up north, meanwhile, doesn't even have to do that. The collectors separate everything! I'm more interested in shaping words, myself, but adore your ideas. Be well!
Rhodesia said…
Everything, or almost everything in France is recyclable. We are going on a tour of the recycling plant next month, but I gather no photos are allowed sadly so you will not get to see what goes on! Love some of these idea though and I really like the hanging garden. Take care Diane
Jeanie said…
I love the concept and there are great ideas here but if I saved every can I used, I wouldn't have room for furniture!
I love all these ideas! Repurposing cans are fun, there's so many things that you can do with them, and they make great planters, storage, pencil holders, and more. And there free!

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