Rain, Rain, Go Away

Back to usual kitchen gadgets.
Hot dog anyone?

Yesterday I had an appointment in 
Lebanon (25 mins down the rd).
I grabbed my big camera before
leaving the house.

Took these below when I was
leaving the barn.

On the way home from the 
barn I saw this guy fly up
in the tree.

The local church and redbuds.

I always heard March winds
bring April showers and
April showers bring spring

March had some winds.....but
more rain, so this saying is off
a bit! 

 Here is hoping you have a nice,
warm, sunny day.
Rain is moving out today and it
is supposed to be a tad cooler,
mid 50's. Sunny
tomorrow and rain again

If you have not been by
to check out the furbabes
check them out now at~


MadSnapper said…
so much beauty to see when we have a camera in our hands, things i never saw, i see now because of the camera.
Sandee said…
Spring finally arrived here. Today it's going to be 81 degrees. I'm happy about that. As far as I'm concerned it could be 81 degrees every day. Just saying.

Great shots of your adventure.

Have a fabulous day and weekend. ♥
Christine said…
Thanks for the beautiful spring photos!
Jeanie said…
Rain brings spring - but I'm tired of it too!
There's beauty in everything, even rain.
Ann Thompson said…
Enjoyed all your pictures. I'll take your 50 and sunny. We've been in the 30s still
Sally said…
Just when we think spring is here, nada! :)

You got some really great shots, Pam.

Liz A. said…
I did have a warm day. (I'm currently wearing shorts.) Great pictures. If I liked to cut up hot dogs more, I might need that gadget.
Darla M Sands said…
You have such a great eye. Well, two beautiful ones, actually. ~heart~ I don't like finger food and would pick up the hot dog bites with my fork. Gooey fingers interfere with my fiction writing. ~grin~ Hope you're feeling well!
Rhodesia said…
I will go along with that statement, I am sick of rain!!!!! Diane
Thanks for the lovely photographs.

All the best Jan

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