Lily Love

For those of you that have a cat you
will understand this....
they live in their own world and 
you have to live there with them.
They do their own thing and will include
you when they choose.

Just when I question why Lily has
stopped head butting, rubbing on my
face, touching me or licking me she reads
my mind and she starts back doing those

I don't know if maybe it is something
she is doing cause she is glad
to be home after house sitting....
No clue. 

But the other day she started climbing
on my chest and butting heads.

Yesterday she wanted to reach out
and touch me.

I felt so blessed!

This morning (sorry no pics)
she crawled up on my chest again for
head butting then laid down and
licked my hand, bit my fingers (cat thing)
and let me rub her!

Course there again, if you own or have
owned a cat you know this
is subject to change just like
the weather!

Does your cat act like this?


Sandra said…
she may feel like she needs to touch since she had the episode of fear at your brothers. she is beyond adorable and yes you are blessed with her
Sandee said…
I so remember. They will tolerate you when they wish to tolerate you. I did have one kitty that was ever so loving. Always. She was the most precious kitty I ever had.

Have a purrfect day, Lily. My best to your mom. ♥
Ann Thompson said…
I do remember the cat personality. They sure do let you know who's boss
Jeanie said…
I'm sure it's because you were gone. She loves and missed you. Lizzie is the same way. I spent the better part of the weekend at Rick's or on a road trip with my friend, stopping in to feed her and that was about it. When I came home Sunday she would not let me alone. And I loved it because for several years I was only the person who fed her. The rest -- eh.

Your Lily has wormed her way into your heart and you know that. But it is very apparent you have wormed your way into hers!

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