House Sitting .....Again

Thursday morning I moved
up to my brothers house to 
house/dog/bird/cat sit for
seven days. 

Thursday evening I had to run back
to the barn, it was my evening
to feed. On the way back to 
Ray's house I stopped at Bonfire
for dinner. I love this place!

You pick out what you want in your
bowl, hand it over the the cooks
and it comes back all done
for you.

Brought 1/2 
 back to the house and
had for dinner last night.

Yesterday I got up and got ready
to head out. Beautiful sunny and warm
day, 62 degrees. 
My cousin Kathy was coming to town
for the day so we arranged to meet up 
near her hotel, which is also up
near  Julia's Homestyle Bakery.
I have told you about the bakery before
owned by one of my best friends.
Julie, we met in 8th grade and 38 yrs ago
I was the maiden of honor in her and
Roger's wedding. I decided to just
pop in and say hi.

My cousin and her hubby met me 
at the bakery. We did lunch and 
then back to Ray's place till they
had to head out.

Evening time rolled in.

I fed the birds.

Speaking of feeding. I took this
Thursday evening when I fed at
the barn. The bigger black cat 
joined in.

To ease everyone's mind I started
working on getting homes for the critters.
Then the bad weather and snow 
kicked in and my plans got nipped in 
the bud. When I get back home from
staying at Ray's I will be getting in touch
with the Humane Soc. about taking the kittens.

I am always looking for ways to make
storage in my home. I really like this
idea below.

I really like this idea also.

While looking at Pinterest for
ideas I found these also.

I tired the one below once but had issues
with the baskets wanting to 
stay in place and up against the wall.


Now.....this is a tad usual but would
be fun.

Now for the fun staying at my brothers..
He lives in the country so critters getting
in is not surprising but I think he needs
to have someone come out and do 
something about 

My first night here I got up in the 
middle of the night cause the dogs
wanted out. I realized that Lily had
not been to bed yet. I called and called
for her but apparently answering me would
have messed up her hunt.

I did however find her standing on 
the buffet in the entryway and she
had a little bitty mouse hugging the 
wall up above where she could not reach.

Then it feel. Lily jumped down, the dogs
went wild, the mouse ran around and 
managed to lose the bunch in the living
I headed back to bed.
6:30 am I wake and look down
the hall and Lily is batting
a mouse around. 

Well Dakota spotting what Lily is playing
with jumps in to go for the KILL.
Lily likes playing but Rat Terriers
were bred to hunt these critters in the barn.
Yep, he went for the kill.
I picked up that tiny mouse
by sweeping it into the dust pan. 
I threw it outside. 
I looked later, it was still there,

Last night, I shut the bedroom door
with 5 dogs, Lily and myself
in there. Lily had been up all night
the night before, it was not happening
It was a slow silent night. 

Thanks for stopping in, 



Wow, I'd stay in the bedroom with the door shut as well, Pam. The bathroom storage ideas are cute, especially the x and o one! ♥
Ann Thompson said…
Your dinner up there in the first picture looks really good. Sounds like quite the evening with the micecapades going on lol
We have a Chinese buffet that has a feature like your restaurant -- they have a window where you can put raw veggies, meat, noodles along with some sauce and give it to the cook and he will cook it up for you. I like that.

Maybe your brother could keep the kittens to get rid of the mice. Or at least one or two. My cat'sfirst year, she kept bring us dead "presents". I kept telling her that was a nice thought but she could keep them. Mice and prarie dogs were either killed or moved out of the neighborhood.

The mouse you tried to save might have died from a heart attack. They get so scared sometimes that their heart stops.

Love those organizing ideas
Christine said…
looks delicious!
Red Rose Alley said…
That rice dish looks delicious, Pam. And the bakery looks charming. How nice that you met your cousin there. I found a new bakery in town today that was pretty good and met my son there. That is a unique idea with the tic-tac-toe and the toilet paper. Have fun house sitting at your brother's. : )

Liz A. said…
Interesting storage ideas. I guess your brother needs some mousers in his animal household.
Rhodesia said…
Like the idea of picking your food then handing it in to be cooked. Some great storage ideas here. Tale care Diane
Darla M Sands said…
You are such a mensch. ~grin~ Look up the Yiddish term if you don't know it. ~hugs~ Who watches over your home while you're away? I presume you have nice neighbors. Hope you're feeling well.
I like those wrap around shelves. Always a challenge to get enough storage! Enjoy your day!
NanaDiana said…
LOL Pam- Never a dull moment with a mouse in the house!!!!! You food looks delicious and what a neat bakery.
Hope you have a good, unexciting Sunday with no mice invited! xo Diana
Sally said…
The only time I saw a mouse; I was a wee girl and at my grandmother's house. Scared me to death. LOL

You are such a kind soul, Pam, to stay at your brother's house when they need to get away.

The food looks good, and now I'm hungry. Thanks, pal. :0

Pam you sure have had some fun and good food! Love that little cafe - what fun to have all of these little 'events' going on. Mice and I are NOT friends so I feel about them like I feel about snow . . . If I NEVER see either in my lifetime, I would be quite content! 60's sounds like heaven right now to me!
Sandee said…
You're having an adventure and that first night was a lulu. I'm glad you got the door closed the second night.

Love your dinner and I thought of several things I would like at that bakery.

Poor mouse.

Have a fabulous day. ♥ said…
We are looking for someone to stay at our farm to care for the animals for 3 days during our daughters wedding. Your brother is lucky to have you. The long eternal issue of storage is never ending. Love the ideas you have. We are lacking storage for linens. Right now they reside on the bed in the guest room. That's the problem you have when you live in a climate when you actually have winter bedding and summer bedding. Now when it comes to mice, I don't like them and actually act like a real wimp when I see them. Not a good thing when you live on a farm. Have a productive day.....
That restaurant sounds really good. I keep hearing about places like that, and I'd love to try one, but we don't have one near us.

I really like the over the door shelf in the bathroom. That seems like a good way to add some storage without making it feel crowded.

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