Barn and Food

I love this saying

the only thing I would like to add
to it is

So I stayed in all day Saturday and
again on Sunday except when I 
had to go feed at the barn Sunday.

Yesterday was pretty much the same,
I stayed in till time to go feed.

It makes me happy to go to the
barn. I love all the horses

They know it is time to feed.
I leave them out till I fill
their feed dish, give them hay 
and make sure they have water.

Then I go out the back of the barn
and call for them.

Here is Misfire, my baby girl and 
me.  When I purchased the halter, not
knowing Misfires fav color, I went with 

Isn't she so pretty?

Due to rain the gate area to 
put the horses in the pasture and 
to take them out is a mess.

And I never fail to leave as a mess.
I have mud on my pants and I 
always have have sticking to me!

Went by mom's on my way home.
Topped to hill on her street and 
saw this. 
Cell phones just don't show it
like it really is.
Need to start carrying my
REAL camera!

Since I stayed in this weekend
I needed to be sure I had 
food, that meant I had to cook!
I am not a big cooker, I love the bake
thouogh. But making sure 
you have what you need you 
have to cook from time to 

Saturday I made chicken soup,
minus the noodles. 

I did however makes some
hot water cornbread.

With jalapeno and cheese mixed
in with the cornmeal.

Yesterday I had chicken cooked
in the slow cooker with spices.
When it was done I placed it
in a casserole dish, topped
with Ragu and mozzarella
cheese then placed in the oven
to warm it up and melt the cheese.

I still cook like I am cooking for 
a family and normally it goes in 
the fridge for me to eat on and
get tired of when done with the
soup and chicken dish I packed then in 
plastic dishes and in the freezer they went. 
Next time I don't wish to cook....
I have meals. 

At some point today I need to go
run my car through testing then 
go get my tags for the car....
oops, that was supposed to be done
by Jan. 31! I forgot but got really
lucky last night when a policeman
pulled in behind me and did not pull
me over.

Going to my older brothers to house/dog/
bird sit on Thursday. Will be there for 7 days. 
Of course you all know that I take
my furbabes with me! 

Thanks to everyone that posted a comment
on my blog yesterday. You are all so sweet.
I am blessed and thankful for it!

Thanks for stopping in, 



Rhodesia said…
Having had hoses all my life and also dogs and cats it seems so strange not to have any now. We both agree though while we want to travel it is not fair for them to be put in kennels or other homes while we are gallivanting. That corn bread looks delicious (how about a recipe) as does your chicken soup. Enjoy your baby sitting and keep well Diane
Darla M Sands said…
Misfire and you are beautiful together. Love your smile! And your comments always brighten my day. That water was still off-putting. Unless it's my imagination, it seemed thicker with the electrolytes. Yuck. I mixed it with other tea infused water and managed to drink it. Hope you have a great day, too!
Sandee said…
Laughing out loud is the very best of all things. I feel the same way.

Your horses are gorgeous. I've not been around horses for a very long time. I miss them.

Your food look mighty good. It's morning and I've not had my coffee yet. Going to take care of that now.

Have a fabulous day. ♥
Christine said…
The food looks good!
Sandra said…
yes your horse is beautiful and so are the other horses and critters on the farm. so glad you can take your babies when you baby sit for your brother. they do so hate to be left with others. agree on the laughing out loud.. yuck on the horse muck, but fun doing it. yum on corn bread.
Jeanie said…
I love to laugh! And those photos of you and the horses, wonderful. It's pretty clear how much you love Misfire.

Have fun housesitting. You'll have your tribe with you; that's good!
Ann Thompson said…
I've been staying in a lot on my days off. I normally would run errands or go shopping but with the cold I just want to stay home.
Rain said…
Your horse is gorgeous Pam...that picture of all of them waiting for food reminds me of my dogs lol...I LOVE homemade chicken soup! I don't put noodles in it either, sometimes a bit of rice at the last minute. That is great comfort food with some bread and butter! :)
Pilar said…
Laughing out loud does make life happy! Beautiful horses. My mama loves horses!
Liz A. said…
I love making big meals for just myself. The best part is leftovers for days.

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