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I went to the pet store with a friend
yesterday. I don't shop this store
cause they don't carry Lily's food.

But they have the cutest toys for

At one point I would say that
Lily needed this but
she don't mess with the TP 

This would be a good toy for
cause I used to call him
Yoda Dakota....
it took Dakota a long time
to grow into his ears!

I love this...looks like 
a baby outfit.


For several years I have been
watching this Tulip Poplar 
tree (think that is what it is)
that is growing on the creek bank
and right up next to a big tree.

Hard to tell but the base of the little
tree is growing out of a crack
in the concrete. 

I tried once to go down in the
creek and thought I would dig
it out till I saw how it was in there.
I wanted to break up the concrete but
it actually looks like the little tree
is doing that on its own! 
I hope so....just not sure
what will happen to the bigger

I just love Helen Mirren.
And I love this cut on her.
That is what I am shooting for.
I have had my hair like this but
with bangs that were same as
length of the hair. 

She has a movie opening here on 

Yep....I read about this years ago
and I think I will go see it.

If you watch the news you have heard about
Nashville's Mayor Megan Barry and 
her admitting she had an affair
with her bodyguard. 

I don't normally get into 
politics here or on FB but...
I have a question~
Should the mayor be thrown out of 
office for having an affair?
Keep in mind, this is not a "me too"
type of thing. This is two adults
that went in this with eyes open, they
know what they were doing.
Also, keep in mind we had a president
that was somewhat so to speak, caught
with his pants down.

During the investigation on this if there
is criminal activity found with funds 
or overpayment for overtime for the 
bodyguard, yes, I see throwing her out
of office. But just for an affair, I 
don't think so. 

I feel that most folks yelling for
her to be thrown out are probably
with the other party.

How would you feel about it if
it was your mayor?

Thanks for stopping in, 


Jeanie said…
Those toys are adorable! And I'm a huge Helen Mirren fan, too. She looks great in that photo.
Liz A. said…
You do kind of look like Helen Mirren with the hair.
Sharon Qualls said…
Cute doggie suits, I'd love one for Jill, but I'm afraid she wouldn't.
Something needs to be done with my hair ... I agree, Helen Mirren has a classy look.
NanaDiana said…
What cute toys, Pam. Sadly, we don't have any pets at the moment...getting ready to move and not sure where we are going.
Helen Mirren looks fantastic in that hair cut. I have been thinking about doing that for a while. Just need to get up the nerve to cut it!
I am not political either but I do think the mayor is truly sorry and has been quite transparent with what happened. I think people need to forgive and move forward if all else is in order. Everyone makes mistakes. Many never get caught so it is never acknowledged. It will be interesting to see what happens there. xo Diana
Pilar said…
Cute dog clothes! My dog used to wear sweaters in the Winter.
Sally said…
I love Helen Mirren hair; and I wish mine was that shade of gray. (that is gray, right?) Not being familiar with the mayor, I feel like Diana does though, forgiveness; all of us need that in order to go on.

Happy February, Pam! :)


Sandra said…
we have a tiny tree growin on our roof.. about 6 inches tall. found some dirt up there i guess. i say no firing of the mayor unless she did something that broke the law. if they fired everyone who has had an affair there would be no work force to run things.
Sandee said…
You're right about the sex. It was okay with the left when Clinton was caught, but they are smearing Trump for stuff he probably didn't even do. So you're right. It depends on who does the doing and what party they belong. It's so very sad.

Have a fabulous day. ♥
Ann Thompson said…
Throwing someone out of office for having a affair is ridiculous. What they do in their private lives so long as it isn't illegal is nobody's business.
Darla M Sands said…
I adore Helen Mirren and agree with Sandee and Ann. Well, and Christine. Hurray for toys! ~hugs~ Be well.
Rain said…
Hi Pam :) Oh those pet stores...I'm mush in and coats and little sweaters and booties...I shop online now lol! I LOVE Helen Mirren, she is class at its best and her hair is wonderful!
Darla M Sands said…
I'm having fun reading your comments, as always. I have to say that I just love writing (messy) cursive in my journals. ~grin~ I remember coming home to tell my mother the day we started learning cursive and she didn't understand until I rephrased it as 'longhand'. And you should really check out Palaye Royale. Heh...
Rhodesia said…
Love the toys, when we had our beagle we had toys everywhere to try and stop him chewing up our things :-))) Diane

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