Life in General

For all my blogger friends that is still
dealing with snow!

This guy looks like he is patiently waiting

 Meet Penny.
Penny is the new addition
to my house sitting.
She belonged to my niece and
she was an inside, outside cat.
But my nieces other cat could
not stand Penny so Penny stayed
outside. When my niece moved
my SIL took over care of Penny.

First step was to move her into
the house. Penny lives downstairs
and will not come up. I think she 
is afraid of the dogs and they stay
upstairs. So I come and sat with 
Penny, talk to her and feed her.

Yesterday when leaving the barn
for feeding I stopped for a burger.
This was sitting on the table so 
I tried it on...
Queen for a minute!

Do you really think Burger King
flame broils its burgers?
I never see move rising from the 
building and I don't smell it when 
I go in....

My brother is growing plants for
a BioPod he has set up.
Look at that little bloom.
Its fav color.

My mom made these for Ray when
he became a gramps.

 I got this in my cookie when I stopped
at Bonfire the other night.

Good thing I am not a man!

I saw this laying in the washroom where
my SIL folds clothes.

I made this for my niece Paige when
she was little.
She is 30 now.
Her own little apron.

So funny running across this. I made
one for Holly also.

So....I am still have my brothers and the 
adventures continued last night.

While watching TV in the bedroom,
I go in there so I don't have to 
listen to TJ (bird) carry on so
much...anyway, while watching
TV, the standard, message popped up
about no activity for 4 hours so it
shut off. Usually I push the button in the
center to get it to clear, yep...its decided 
to not work anymore.

I picked up paints at the house yesterday
to give me something to do so 
I am now in the great room painting
and watching TV in there.
Today it decided to not come on,
no connection!
But I was able to Netflix a movie.

Last night was even more fun...
while sitting there painting 
Lily runs past me...
with a mouse in her mouth.
She knows I will not let her
have it so she runs from me,
dropping it so she can play with it..Dakota once again joins the action.
And once again he goes for the kill
I sweep it up and throw it outside.
20 mins later....same thing. 
Lily gets, Dakota kills.
That is three down for the 
Jackson family!

They are coming in between a brick wall
and I stuffed that full
of plastic bags!
That was last night and so far so 

Dakota, Lily and I moved downstairs
for a couple of hours.
The cleaning ladies are here and 
they go in and out and I figured 
Lily would bolt if she could.....
So they sleep and I blog. 

Jump on over and check the furbabes
out on their blog. 

Thanks for stopping in, 


Jeanie said…
Lots of wonderful photos here, Pam, but I especially love that opening snow guy! If I wanted to chill out (literally) I'd go outside and make one of those!
Sandra said…
hilarious on the mouse escapades... i think a mouse is as cute as lily, although i know we can't have them in the house... your adventures at home and abroad just make me laugh...
Ann said…
That guy up at the top sure knows how to chill
Rain said…
Hi Pam! I LOVE LOVE LOVE that photo of you with your adorned crown lol! Flame broiled??? Is it even beef??? Lol...I used to love those Burger King chicken sandwiches, always insisted on EXTRA mayo! Oooh the salt...

Penny is cute. Oh, I used to stuff steel wool in the little holes where the mice came in and it worked like a charm.
Christine said…
That's the cutest little apron you made! Happy Monday Pam.
Sandee said…
I linked Penny to Awww Mondays. She's a very pretty girl and I'm glad she's inside.

I love the grandma and grandpa poems. They are both so very true.

Have a fabulous day and week. ♥
Red Rose Alley said…
Hello Penny. You look cute in your Burger King hat, Pam. Every now and then, I'll treat myself to a chicken sandwich there. Pam, I have that same verse that Nel made in grade school about the finger prints, only the words are a bit different. What a treasure for you to have kept it all these years. : )

Happy Valentine's Day!

Liz A. said…
In high school we used to get those crowns to wear as seniors. It was a 12th grade thing. I have no idea how it started.

You can turn off that 4 hour thing. There's a setting that you fix. It's "Power Saving" or something.
Rhodesia said…
Love the mouse stories. Also those words are fabulous love the hand print. Hope all is well Diane
Sally said…
Well, you were Queen for the day. I bet you're too young to have seen a tv show "Queen for a Day". :)

Darla M Sands said…
I always have to go back and read your post again because I forget what all I wanted to say before getting to the end. Ha! I like to think Burger King flame broils their hamburger at a main facility before freezing the partially cooked patties for distribution. Or maybe they add some approximating ingredient. Either way, their burgers do have a distinctive taste that I enjoy once in a great while. ~grin~ I really enjoyed this. The apron is adorable, as is Penny, and the babes make a great team! Sorry about your technical difficulties. That is usually me, even in my own home. Be well!
I am impatiently waiting for spring! We're supposed to get up to near 70 today, so I'm thrilled about that.

I think Burger King does flame broil their burgers. We live kind of near one, and it seems like there's always smoke. When the wind is right you can smell it in our back yard. Duke spends a lot of time sniffing the air, apparently wishing for a Whopper.

I'm glad you spent some time with Penny. She's so pretty!

I love that apron you made! What a great gift.

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