Barn Kittens and Things

I told you that I would share
pics of the barn kittens with you so 
here goes!

By the way,  have named them!

This is Tiger, which when I named this 
one I thought it was male....oops, 
closer look the other day I realize this
is a female. 
So maybe Tigeress!

Tigeress was the first barn kitty to realize
that she did not want to be feral
she wanted to be rubbed and loved.

She is very found of having her
head scratched. 

You will notice there are more pics
of her but that is because when I am
there she hangs right with me.
Check out those beautiful markings.

This is Socks.
Socks is a male.

 Socks is very beautiful in a his 
markings also. 

The other female is 

The most amazing eyes!

Princess has been the most stand offish 
but yesterday she seemed to give in and 
she sort of like the head scratching 
like Tigeress!

These three are siblings.

But this one I have noticed
at the barn a couple of times.
Hoping that is not a sign that one of 
the girls is in heat. 

Here are a few pics I took around the 
barn while I had the 
and yes Liz, I love my professional
cameras but a cell phone takes
some really good pics when needed. 
And the cell is a lot easier to carry around
then my bigger cameras.


Robins visiting the barn.

I will have to ask Chris whose marker
this is.

For target practice!


Thanks for stopping in,


Ann said…
All the cats are beautiful. I really miss having a cat in the house. It's been a long time since I've had one
Christine said…
Beautiful kittens!
Darla M Sands said…
Great photos all! My two cats woke me at 4am today for food; I can't imagine the racket if they went into heat. ~grin~ By the way, any chance of getting these babies spay/neutered? My understanding is that many cities have clinics that offer it for free (!), though I'm not sure. At any rate, as you probably know it really improves their quality of life by cutting down on fights and subsequent spread of disease as well as preventing overpopulation. ~hugs~ Hope you feel good today!
NanaDiana said…
Those kitties are ALL just beautiful- none of them really look alike and each is a great looking cat!

Your other photos are great-Love the post closeups! xo Diana
Sandra said…
the cats are all beautiful each in its own way. excellent pics of them, and there is a difference in the big camera and cell, cells take gorgeous pics, but not like the big guy does. i would snap myself silly with all the barns and critters you have access to.
Rhodesia said…
Lovely set of photos and all the cats are so pretty.

We had 'your' corn bread for lunch today with soup. Delicious, but I could have added a bit more chilli to it :-) Many thanks it will become a favourite here I think, yum yum.

Have a good weekend Diane
Sandee said…
I linked this post to Feline Friday. Your barn kitties are adorable.

Have a great weekend. ♥
Sally said…
Seeing as how I'm allergic to cats, I do enjoy seeing the pictures. Those are lovely!

You always find great things to photograph, and I also think that cell phones are taking good pictures these days.

Hope you're having a great day, Pam!

Jeanie said…
Socks looks ready to rumble in that first photo! I love that Tiger follows you around. Sure do wish you could get the girls to a vet to get them fixed but I know that's almost impossible with ferals. Love their names!
Red Rose Alley said…
These are awesome pictures of the cats, Pam! I enjoyed seeing all the barn photos tonight. Are those female Cardinals?

Liz A. said…
Great shots of the cats. And I don't see why Tiger can't be Tiger. I think it's a reasonable female name ;)
Ida said…
What darling cats. I really like them all but think the male cat, Socks is just beautiful. Loved you other photos too. Rust is super cool.
All of the cats are gorgeous! I'm glad they're warming up to you, even if it is a slow process.

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