Scribble Picnic - Fictional Character (s)

The theme over at 
Scribble Picnic
Fictional Character.
I went with Fictional Characters!

Better yet, items that pertains to
fictional characters. 

Dorothy, The Tinman, The Scarecrow
and the Lion
from the 
Wizard of Oz.
Why these characters....because 
the Wizard of Oz and 
these characters are
my fav. Fav movie of 
all time! Guessing it is
part of my childhood that 
I can't move past!

Painted in acrylic paints on a 
wooden stool.

Just for fun I am throwing in last
years Christmas card.

Thanks for stopping in, 


Sandra said…
good job, i do recognize those shoes from other posts and do know to whom they belonged, but that is about it. if it means anything i do what they call the tin man exercise in the pool 50 times a day.. other than that have never seen them with my own eyes
Sandra said…
i am laughing... because i bet you will not know about my favorite movie and book from my childhood. Tarzan and the City of Gold....
Rain said…
How creative Pam!!! I love it! Wizard of Oz is a solid part of my good childhood memories, most definitely!! My favourite character was the Scarecrow, what a sweet fella...and of course, the Lion singing about his courage... "Da noh-eeve"... so funny...I love your Christmas card from last year, and the message is one I live place like home! :)
Sandee said…
Way cool.

Have a fabulous day. ♥
Darla M Sands said…
I should have foreseen the theme. Well done! Hope you're feeling better today. ~hugs~ Glad you got to enjoy some warm weather, as well as me.
lissa said…
quite a fan of wizard of oz but I recognize the red shoes right away. this is cute. I like that it is round instead of the usual rectangle.

have a lovely day.
Ann Thompson said…
Love it. You are so talented
Christine said…
Love where you went with this theme your pieces are beautiful, that card is wonderful!
Sally said…
I love everything you do, Pam. You're such a creative person, very talented. No, don't ever lose the childhood part of yourself that loves Wizard of Oz! :)
Julie Huston said…
I also recognized the shoes immediately, I haven't see The Wizard of Oz in years.
NanaDiana said…
I love it, Pam. That Christmas card just makes me smile. I love it! You do beautiful work. xo Diana
Red Rose Alley said…
Oh, the stool looks wonderful, Pam. You did a great job painting it. I remember when the movie came out, it was so exciting as a kid. I can see why this is your favorite movie. I love that Christmas card too.

That is a very cool Christmas card.
Lorraine said…
Well if that isn't one of the most clever Christmas cards. Such a great idea!
Rhodesia said…
Take care Diane.
Andrea Priebe said…
Oh I love your choice and I love the Wizzard of Oz. I have a special memory of it as my Mother played Dorothy in the Faculty Players Wizard of Oz play. She was a wonderful Dorothy and I can remember (I was only in second grade) my Mother getting bags of fan mail delivered to our house. What a delightful memory and you brought it all pouring back with this post. I love Childrens fantasies and that is another reason why I so enjoy Micheal and Alexandra as they pour their hearts into the fantasies that make children use their imaginations and be happy ... a great way of growing up. So enjoyed my visit with you today, Pam ...

Andrea @ From the Sol
Debbie said…
so creative and very beautiful!!!
Wanda said…
Clever, clever, clever....btw did I mention I think your clever and creative style is off the charts. The stool...what a treasure is that. Don't we all love Dorothy and the other characters from a favorite childhood movie and story we all cherish.

The Christmas cute and I'm sure ONE OF A KIND..

Kuddo for all the great work you have shared here.
Pam, this is wonderful! and kudos to you in painting it on a footstool! It's so lovely! :) Hope you have a great day! :)
Michael said…
That's a one of a kind xmas card from last year and love your take for this go around too. Clver indeed, Pam. Thank you. What will Dorothy do when yours meets mine >:) hahah. So glad you joined us and bought the whole capoodle.
Serena Lewis said…
OH wow! Wonderful pieces for the theme this week, Pam!

While I was never a fan of The Wizard of Oz, it certainly was a big hit for many. I've even heard quite a few phrases coined from the movie over the years and even in today's time. And of course Dorothy's red shoes are a legend unto themselves.
Mary said…
Fabulous art and very different 'in the round'. Your past Christmas card must have been it hit - bet the lucky recipients will always keep that one!

Happy day Pam - Mary

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