Neat Ideas

I am always looking for new ways to
help me out around the house.

I don't have an island or room to 
install one in my kitchen...
I envy you that have one.
Here is a really neat idea for plug ins.

But if you don't have that island like me here
is another neat way of having that extra juice!

Got that useless space under your cabinet...
I have a space like this under my sink. 
When I redo the kitchen I hope to add this
and get my paper towels off the cabinet. 

Speaking of wasted space in the cabinet.
This is the space under your cabinet.

Great idea for cookie sheets. 
You can go out and spend lots of money
on something like this or pick up
a rack like this at Goodwill.
Divided racks like this are usually
what you find on a desk for dividing 

Or you can invest in having this done 
above the oven or microwave. 

Got space under that cabinet -
hooks...that is all it takes is hooks
to hang pans from.

 I used to stock up on cleaning supplies
when I was a cleaning nut...
I would pick them up when things were
on sale. Well where would I store them.
A shoe bag. Hung it on the back
of the bathroom door.

These are also good in a craft room.
Store supplies there and you can even
see what you have.

This is really cool but I don't have
that space between my fridge and a wall
or cabinet. But I was actually thinking
of making a rack like this to have at the 
end of the fridge that would just be
more like a bookcase, free standing, no
wheels and put my spices on it.

I love this...
talking about spices. There again,
I don't have the needed space between 
the cabinets and countertops. 

I love this idea.
A murphy like door!
Talk about storage. 


I would so love to build a window seat
somewhere in my home but in a house this
small I no room. There is something around the
every window. 

Thanks for stopping in and checking out
these cool ideas.


Sandee said…
These are some really great ideas. Some seem so simple and you wonder why it hasn't been done before.

Have a fabulous day, Pam. ♥
Sandra said…
all of these are great space savers. i have the plug under one of my cabinets with 3 outlets
NanaDiana said…
I love each and every one of these ideas,Pam. I was lucky when we redid this house to build in lots of storage. I am sure I will be missing a lot of this when we move in Spring. I think that is a great idea about the shoe storage on the back of the door for cleaning supplies. xo Diana
Billie Jo said…
Pam, these are some great ides!
I love the one over the microwave!
Such wasted space in my house.
Have a cozy afternoon!
Rainy and cold here. : )
Christine said…
nifty ideas...someday...maybe not, by the time we get around to it!
Ann Thompson said…
All of these ard great ideas. Wouldnt it be nice to start from scratch and build a house with all of yhe coollittle features you would love to have
Rhodesia said…
You always have great ideas. We have an island but or some unknown reason no plug outlet. To get there we would have to dig up the tiled floor so my only answer is an extension lead if I am desperate. Hope all is well Diane
Liz A. said…
Those are cool ideas for those who have those features in their homes. Like you, I do not.
Nas said…
Amazing ideas. I love them and wish I could utilize all of them!
Sharon Qualls said…
Neat ideas! I'd love to incorporate some of them in my kitchen,
Darla M Sands said…
I've always liked the idea of a window seat. Those are some neat ideas. I cannot imagine owning enough baking sheets to need a rack. ~grin~ Be well!
Pilar said…
These are great storage ideas! I'm always reorganizing pot and pans etc. I've always wanted an island in the kitchen too! Happy Monday!
Sally said…
No island here either, Pam. This house was built in l948; nice size kitchen but no room for an island. :(

I love the ideas you found, and I know you'll be able to make some of those because, in my opinion and others, girl you can do anything! So much talent.

I would love a window seat, too, but it won't work in our house either. Some of the storage ideas are really good.
Some really great ideas here.
I have been doing some sorting out recently, improving storage etc.

All the best Jan
Red Rose Alley said…
Lots of great ideas for the kitchen, Pam. Love all the organized spices. And also that cozy little space. My kitchen is not that big, so I just make do with the space I have. I hope you are feeling better with your fibro and staying warm during these cold Winter days. : )


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