Well~ guess what
happened here yesterday~
SNOW! was coming down 
hard for a bit there. 

This was at 3:30 yesterday.

And hour later.

This morning.

Not a lot but the issue being,
that is ice under the snow 
on the road. 
I wrote a message to my
son and DIL on the
car yesterday.

And my window is covered in 
ice. My rear, oh and the rest of
me is staying in today.

The message to Brit and Cory was
placed on FB and text to them in 
San Diego.
I got a text back that said it
was 70 Thursday and 80
yesterday while we were getting
snow! haha.

Right now it is 21 with a feels
like of 10 here in the Nashville 
area. We got that light covering but
30 mins away, they got about 4 inches.

Growing up here in this area we 
used to get amazing snows!
Nothing to get 4 to 8
inches every winter usually in 
January in the 70's!
Things change even in the 

This is how I took in the 
day yesterday.
With the weather changes 
my body yells at me. 

As bad as the fibro has advanced over
the years I pretty much refuse to 
start taking pain meds. 
I have started taking some oils and 
my niece Paige, sells Young Living, 
had mixed me some oils for 
pain. The other night I tried
some of my trial mix and it worked
great. But being that is was mixed
to try and see how it would do...
I used the last of the mix.
So with that, I took a muscle 
relaxer Thursday night so I was
down suffering the lingering
effect of the drug. 
I laid on a heated throw all day
and slept most of the day. 
Today, pain not so bad so I need
to try and get somethings done. 

With that, I am sorry if I have
not been getting around the last
few days to your blog....

Thanks for stopping in, 


Sandee said…
I live in central California and it hasn't snowed here in years. Never sticks for long when it does. I'm good with that.

I hope you feel better soon. ♥
Sandra said…
I know you wanted snow and i am glad you got it but not the ice part. good job staying inside.
Darla M Sands said…
I'm so sorry you've been feeling so bad. ~hugs~ If I were in your shoes I would probably have long been a drug addict by now. ~shakes head at self~ How nice of you to send that cute message.
Sharon Qualls said…
Just a taste of snow in the wind, no accumulation here. Could have used it for a couple of days to cover the brown yard ... No ice here either, and of that I am very happy! Stay warm, the house will keep!
Jeanie said…
Sorry to hear about your pain kicking in with the weather. I can relate, though not, I think, so intensely as you. Bummer. I'm all for staying in with the snow!
Ann said…
Unless it's a ton of snow, it's not usually a problem but that ice is something else. Add to it the people who drive like idiots and it's enough to make me stay in. That being said, I did venture out today. I've been cooped up too much and needed to get out. It wasn't all that bad for our area so I shoveled and hit the road.
We haven't had snow, but it got REALLY cold today. I'm sorry you've been hurting. I think you're smart to stay in. Ice is nothing to mess around with. I think, based on the temperatures, I would very much like to live in San Diego right now.
Billie Jo said…
Glad you had the snow!!!!
The pain...not so much.
Keep resting on your couch with heat and some good movies.
That is what snow days are for. : )
NanaDiana said…
We have not had a lot of snow this winter either..but I don't mind! lol
I am so sorry that your fibro causes you so much pain. I have something similar but mine goes into remission from time to time. All these auto-immune issues are a mess and rob you of living life to the fullest.

Happy Saturday night to you, Pam- xo Diana
Your snow looks so pretty, Pam. I'm sorry you are feeling worse with the cold weather. It's cold here again today after hitting 69 degrees yesterday! Crazy winter weather around here. Do take care of yourself and hopefully tomorrow will be a better day for you. ♥
I'm sorry about the pain you have. I hope the natural methods prove to be helpful. It has been a wild winter hasn't it? We hit 60 one day and teens the next. So cold this weekend I too stayed in. And baked. Too much. Stay warm and feel better!
Christine said…
Oh I hope you feel better soon, the cold can be no help with your condition.
Rhodesia said…
So sorry the fibrio is getting you down and I know you will never be rid of it. Hopefully what I have will very soon go and leave me back fit and healthy again. Please look after yourself Diane
Liz A. said…
So sorry you're in pain. I hope the oils are helping. Yeah, it was warm here today. I'm north of San Diego, but we had similar weather. (The weather guy said we had the warmest temps yesterday in the country. Of course, the rest of the country isn't really competing...)
Red Rose Alley said…
Oh, you got snow! I always love to see the snow on friend's blogs. We don't get snow around my neck of the woods, but it's reeeaaallly cold. I do hope your fibro gets better in this year of 2018. That must be so hard for you, Pam.


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