It's all About This

And we are all a little
weird in our own 

I was hanging at the barn 
yesterday trying to catch
this girl.

The Cat Shoppe here in town
has a home for her but she
is a smart critter. 
She feeds in the morning and 
then leaves the barn.
I don't get up and out early
enough to get her.

I was going to grab her yesterday
afternoon since I could not get
her in the morning, but
she appeared at 10 after 4 and
the vet (where she will be held for
a couple of days, and I am paying for
combo testing on her) closes at 5...

Pretty sure she knows what I am up

This is one of the  barn kittens.
I have petted this one a 
couple of times.


Check out his sister in the bottom
left corner!

This is another male.
He has decided he don't want
to be farel. He loves to have
his head scratched. Those front
paws start keading when you scratch
his head. 

I picked him up yesterday and he let
me hold him....he was not really happy
but, he let me. Later that day he
would not come near me, guessing
he thought I was going to pick him up
again. When he finally realized that
I just was going to pet....he
was okay.

Brother and sis!
Wonder how they would have
reacted if they had fell in!??

Saw this moving down the 
road today. Too cute.

Working with the Cat Shoppe and Noahs
Ark to find all these babes a home.

Yesterday Fed Ex delivered a package
to my house from Nancy, my
friend in Ohio. 
She always finds the cutest

To add to my keyring collection.

And a bracelet of one of my 
fav things....

I also have another charm she sent
on another bracelet over a yr ago,
but it will not stay on my wrist since
I dropped weight. So I removed that
charm and put it on this bracelet also.

She is always so sweet.

 Okay....which would be your choice?

for me none really...
there are things I like about
all of them.
I love the sectional couch in A
but not that light color.
I also love the windows, 
and the ceilings in A.
Love the coffee table in B.
Love the coffee table in C too
and the lamp. And the stuff on the
walls are neat. 
And in the last one I like the 
sliding door on the back wall.
Love fireplaces but not these
in these pics. I hard to please or
do I just know what I like?

I might not wear really bright
shirts but I love my 
colorful socks!

Was at Wally World the other day and 
I noticed that summer furniture and
gardening things were being put out.
Today I ran in to pick up animal food
and I saw these colorful grills.
I have one like this only when I got
mine last yr, they did not have these
colors! I got 

Today I headed out to Tractor Supply
store and got a bag of Senior feed for 
Misfire and shavings for the stall.
From there I ran to Wally World,
picked up more horse feed. Senior feed
also but not as high in protein, I am 
planning on mixing these for Misfire.
Stretch the good stuff a big further. 
Got some dry kitty food and some
wet dog food.
From there....since I had the critters
covered I went to Kroger to be sure
I had me covered!
I have one more stop to make
and was going to do that on my
way to feed at the barn tonight...
pet store, wet food for Lily.
Done all this before the SNOW
moves in tonight and wee hours
of the morn!

Stay tuned tomorrow to see if
we get any.....

Jump over to check out Lily

thanks for stopping in, 


Sandee said…
I've very weird and I like it.

Love your gifts.

I don't want any of the living rooms either. A bit too busy for me.

Have a fabulous day. ♥
Sharon Qualls said…
Like you, I like various aspects of the rooms, but none in particular.
Cute socks!
Jeanie said…
I hope they can find good homes for your ferals. They look like they want to be loved, they just need a little practice!

and those socks ROCK!
Liz A. said…
Love the first pic/quote. So true.
Debbie said…
i like me, so i don't know if i am weird....

i have taken 2 rides on a hot air balloon, and both were amazing!!

i like room A!!

and the socks reminded me of pippy-long-stockings!!
Ann said…
I so agree with that first picture. I like weird. Of those 4 rooms I'm like you, I like parts of them but not the whole room. For me all of them are too white. I prefer darker colors
Rain said…
Hi Pam :) I think A would be closer to my choice, though we can't have white anything in the house with 8 pets lol...I love rustic, cabin, cottage-y and cozy!

You are wonderful to be helping those cats. They are so cute and I hope they all find loving homes!

The socks are great!
Darla M Sands said…
Did you get snow? You certainly got a lot done! You're way more active than I am. The weather here is just windy and wet, wet, wet. I was a little disappointed, but happy for those who must commute. Thank you for working with an animal rescue. ~hugs~ I have a blogger friend in Oregon who uses box shaped wire traps baited with food. Strayer's Happy Cat Club has vastly improved... oh... I'd say thousands of lives easily (fixed so they don't fight or keep having babies, other necessary healthcare provided when necessary, and homes found when feasible). She's amazing, as are you. I liked living room A for the view. That's all my eyes saw, honestly. And I think the fact you like elements from each is cool. I really need you to come decorate my home. ~grin~ Our house is so dull except for the Cthulhu and Japanese demon inspired artwork. Heh... Give scritches to all the critters for me!
I like room D, I like light and airy.
Rhodesia said…
Interesting post. Think I like room A best but...... Take care Diane
I'm so glad you're working to find homes for the kitties. I swear cats know schedules. Any time we bring out a carrier every cat except the one we need to take to the vet will get in it. It's like they know whose turn it is.

I don't love any of the living rooms either. I like the light colors, and I like the ones that have a lot of windows, but the decor in all of them is a little fussy for my taste. None of them look like they were designed with binge watching Netflix while you're cuddled up with a few pets in mind.
Red Rose Alley said…
I love your unique and wonderful pictures, Pam. They are filled with character and charm. : )


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