The Farm House

Thursday thru Sunday my brother
and sis in law went out of 
town again.
I however did not house sit.
My niece filled in for me since
I was still adjusting to be home from
their and Amber's house. I however did
go let the dogs out Friday and Sat.
since my niece worked all day on those
two days.

My brother owns two beautiful homes.
One that him and my nephew redid.
It is the one they live in and to 
tell which one we are speaking about
we started calling it the Farm House.
It is out away from a lot of other stuff.
While up letting the dogs out I saw this.
Ray and Lori must have picked these up

While letting the dogs run around
outside for a bit I saw a bag of
 Course I had to take them out and 
play with them!

So much fun. If I had not been so tired I 
would have moved them around the house
to do some shooting.

I know it has been awhile since I posted
a DIY post....
I have been working on something but
due to good days and not so good
it is taking me awhile.
I will post the finished piece once
I have it done.

Thanks for coming by,


Darla M Sands said…
I wish every day could be good for you. ~hugs~ Thank you for the fun comment on my blog post. It made me smile. Now, I'd better get to writing for my NaNo project! Those words aren't writing themselves, and I've spent *way* too much time on social media and setting up future blog posts this morning. Be well, my dear.
Debbie said…
it is very nice that you help out with the dogs, they are very lucky to have the help!!

have fun darlin' and rest when you need too. that's always most important!!!
NanaDiana said…
What great props those blocks are or photos! lol You are a good sport to help out with housesitting and dogs as needed. What we do for our kids and family, huh? lol

Hope you feel 100% soon. Going through some of those same things here.....xo Diana
Sandra said…
they are some big dice to throw... cool shots. love the farm house name and sign
Red Rose Alley said…
Those BIG BLOCKS are pretty cool. Your brother's farm house sounds charming, Pam. I'd like to see it sometime. ; )

I like that you have such big dices to throw. I will be on a lookout for these bug ones now.
Liz A. said…
Interesting dice. Hope you're feeling up to finishing your project soon. (I can relate. I've not been getting things done I'd like. Of course, for me it's just laziness, so I shouldn't really complain.)
I really like the large dice blocks, Pam. I hope you soon are feeling better so you can finish your project. Take care. ♥
baili said…
i hope you feel better soon my friend.
how nice that your brother owns two houses .
liked these dices display !
my kids play it fondly in summers
Ann said…
So long as there are cameras and things we can take pictures of we'll never be bored :) I like how you do these
Rhodesia said…
We never see anything here lying around interesting to pick up! Take care Diane
Jeanie said…
I love these blocks. It would be a fun way to teach our Baby Grand numbers -- once he's ready.

Do take care, OK? A bad time to not feel up to par!

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