Weekend /Lily Update/ The Fall

Thursday I drove to my daughters 
apartment in Fairview, about an hour
away. She was going out of town and 
even though Caleb is 17 someone
needed to be there to be sure he
was doing as he should and getting
to school.

Friday evening we drove back to
my home.
Saturday I edited on pics
for Breanna and prepared
for Sunday shoot.

Cleaned the house, done laundry,
cooked a meal, did a photo shoot and
stop by the funeral home.
An older gentleman I know
past away. 

Running back to the house
at that point, pick up Dakota to 
drop off at mom's, get Lily
and get Caleb.
Driving back to his side of town for
school on Monday.

Rushing....and keep in mind, I don't
rush, I don't get stressed....
I had to unload the car with photo
props and load mine and Caleb's
stuff along with litter box
and cat.

In the mist of taking stuff to the 
car, my keyless fob got caught on
my bag and ripped it off the keyring.
Picked it up, then tossed somethings
in the car seat.

went in to get Lily.
Could not find the keyfob. 
Caleb and I searched for 30 mins, in 
the leaves in the yard, where I dropped
off the props, my purse, the car....

After calling mom to come get us
so I could use her car, her on the
way...I found it. When I tossed it in the 
car seat, it fell down between the seat and
and in the back floor board. 

CRAP...mom took Dakota when she got there.
Caleb and I ran to feed 
Misfire (my horse)
stop and get something to eat.

It was after 8 before we got to the 
apartment. Took stuff in, went back
to get litter box.
Not knowing the parking lot, 
being dark...I missed
a step.

Took a graceful fall.

Bruised up the right hand.
It swelled up.

Bruised up the left hand.
It swelled up.

Hit the knee.


And messed up the pinky.
Notice it is swollen.

Not to mention that I jerked the body
in general.
Being old, out of shape, having
Fibro taking an asphalt dive
is not good.
Very sore today.

Took her to a vet up here in
Fairview this morning.
Urine pulled from her,
Fluids injected in her,
checked over and $200
bucks later...she is resting.

Doc said that cats have a high
 Acidic urine anyway, 
Lily's was higher. 
It is being sent off to have it
checked. They shot her full
of fluid and she has peed some
today. They will contact
me tomorrow and let me
know what they found.
He also informed me that she
could have just gotten a virus
and giving her fluids should help.
We will see.

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Collected these over the past few
weeks....going to be interesting to see
what comes from them.

I love this....

With all this...my daughter is on 
her way home. Not sure when they 
will get here from NY. 
But if not too late Lily and I 
are heading home. 
I am tired. We have been running
and going strong for almost two weeks.
House sitting will be on hold for a bit.
Lori's mom will be coming to TN in Nov., 
and staying to the first of Jan.
Not taking on any house sitting jobs
this far from home again.
Me, Dakota and Lily want
to settle back into our laid back life.

Thanks for stopping in, 


Sharon said…
Sounds like a bad case of Overlap Overload. I hope you heal quickly and Lily will be okay. Yep, time for a rest.
Sally said…
Oh goodness, Pam! I'm so sorry you fell like that; terrible! I hope the soreness will be gone soon.

Here's also hoping Lily will be okay.

Billie Jo said…
I am exhausted just reading this, Pam!
So sorry about the fall.
Hope you are resting at home soon!!!
Liz A. said…
Ouch. Hope you're healing up.
Darla M Sands said…
How awful that you took a fall. That's the last thing you needed. And what an expensive vet visit. Yikes! I hope all turns out fine for sweet Lily.

As for your house sitting duty, I would have been furious at Caleb's age if my parents didn't trust me to stay alone. Honestly, though, had they known how naughty I could be at seventeen they surely would have treated me differently than they did their sensible twelve-year-old daughter five years before! ~wicked grin~ I kept up appearances and managed to pretty well fool them.
MadSnapper said…
I am worn to a frazzle and breathless just reading about your adventures, hope the swelling goes down and the soreness goes away. what a week you have had.... I know you will be happy to be home alone with your babies
Rhodesia said…
Oh my goodness the fall does not look good. hope that you recover quickly but that bruising looks like it may hurt for a while!!!Glad you have had Lily at the vet hopefully she will soon be better. Keep safe Diane
Ann said…
Wow, like the others said. I"m worn out just reading. SOrry about the fall. Hope you recover ffrom it quickly
Debbie said…
i am exhausted, i may need a nap just reading this!! but now i know, you fell....

happy to hear it wasn't worse and reading backward, i know you are healing!!!
Jeanie said…
Sounds like a tough week for everyone. Sending get well wishes to both you and Lily.

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