Holidays Upon Us/Yoga

Yesterday I had to run a couple
of errands and pick up
a couple of things. 

I ran into Big Lots.
Had to laugh when I saw
this dress tree. 

Guessing this would be a 
good tree for the 
Diva in all 
of us!

I love looking at Christmas 
stuff all around. 

This is a cool star.

Love this....
sad little puppy eyes. 

From there I ran into 

I saw these socks. 
Too thick for me and at over
six dollars a pair, it was not
happening. But I had to take
a pic and tag a friend on FB....
my nickname at the
TBI was
Short for Tinkerbell.

Then I saw this...

My great nephew and his mom
went to Gatlinburg this past week.
His mom posted this pic this evening!

Oh my gosh, that boy is a mess!


I have been toying with doing something
to see if it would help with my Fibro....
A few weeks ago I asked my friends on FB
about a play to take Yoga. One friend told
me at the Ladies Night Out for the school
ladies that the Library down by my house
offered Yoga. 

I called yesterday and was told that
there was a class every Wed. night
and that it was free. YAY.....I like

I headed back out to Wally World to pick
up one of these....
a yoga mat. 

and decided to grab a work out
bra while I was at it. 


This evening at 5:30 I was at class. I did
so much better than I expected. 
It's a nice and easy class. I was told
to go at my own speed, stop if I had
to but I was able to hang with it all the 
way. Tomorrow, we will see if I can move.

Speaking of tomorrow I have one more
thing to pull together for my costume 
for the Pet Event Friday night.  I need to 
make a necklace. 
Pics to come Friday night. 

Check out this pic I found from 
my past....haha. This was taken in 
the camera room for the printing
division for the state of Tennessee.

The man behind me was our
paste up artist, long before computers
came into play, each piece
of type had to be pasted up in the 
form it was to print. Thurman Rivers,
an awesome guy. TR left this world
about a yr ago. The blonde lady was
also a paste up artist. No clue as to 
where Debby went or anything about
her these days. That is goofy me, being
ME! I was 18 when this was taken. Love and
miss that almost black hair!

Thanks for stopping in, 


Sharon Qualls said…
Dress tree - what will they think of next?

Free is best! I hope you can move in the morning.
Sandra said…
I have seen dress trees and did not like them, but his one i do like, i can see it in a beautiful home, the kind that opens it for tours during the season. I would like to have this one.. hope you are able to get out of bed this morning after the excercise.
Darla M Sands said…
I'm sorry that Mr. Rivers passed away and hope that Debby is well. It's such a great picture.

I've been lamenting things lost with my youth this morning, sort of feeling sorry for myself. Need to drop that mindset right now and look to you as a great example. I know it's partly physical, that annoying monthly crap that is getting worse with age. ~sigh~ With all the blessings in my life, I need to focus on them.

Hey, what has been your favorite Star Wars installment? I didn't see any of the early originals in the theater but like 'The Empire Strikes Back' best. Not one of the films after that really did anything for me, in part due to CGI being visually jarring to me unless extremely limited, like it was in "Blade Runner 2049". Heh...

Best wishes on the yoga doing you good! Take care, my dear.
Sally said…
You find the cutest things to post, Pam.

I hope the yoga will help you, a LOT! :)

NanaDiana said…
What a fun picture at the end. I remember those days of paste up. Glad you were able to take the yoga class and FINISH it! Good for you.
It is amazing what they do with Christmas trees anymore--some are really fun.
Have a great Thursday, Pam. xo Diana
Jeanie said…
I love the photos but I'm just not ready for Christmas yet! At least let me get through Halloween!
Rhodesia said…
Wow Christmas i the shops already.......... Keep well Diane
Red Rose Alley said…
Don't ya just love Big Lots? I've seen those red trucks and puppies there before and thought they were cute. The red plaid star is also cute. I'll have to go in there sometime. There's one right down the street from where I live. How awesome that the yoga class is free. I hope it helps with your pain, Pam.

Liz A. said…
You'll have to tell us if the yoga is helpful. So many Christmas ideas.
Such cute items you ran across and those trees are so different!

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