Hodge Podge Posting Yet Again

I think I must be the Queen of
Hodge Podge postings!

First on the list of this post is
to my daughter.
The ring was given and she
was asked so it is official now.

Event has been moved from Oct
to April so we will need to get
a move on with the arrangements.

They are in NY right now.
Went up for a Jets game and 
he popped the question.

Now....onto other matters.
Last week while staying at my
brothers I decided to go shopping
for pants.

Size 10
This is me with some new jeans
of......look....skinny legs.


I have been noticing lately
that big jewelry is in.

Velvet clothes.

Braids and 
the side pony tail has become
a big thing.

NO....side pony tail for me!

Look at this ....
Caleb and me.

Look how tall this dude is.

Caleb and I went to a Halloween 
get together last night.
Some friends of mine had it at
their home. 
Someone suggested a silly
pic and Theresa
(on the end at my feet)
said, Pam will do one.
So I suggested that they all
be a part of the silly pic. 


Now....this is the most serious
of this post. 
Worried about Lily.
Noticed yesterday she was not 
Today I noticed she is not 
drinking or peeing.
My daughter (works for a vet)..
suggested I feed her water with a 
stopper. I have gotten some down her
so we will see. 
Amber said she probably has a UTI.
She is also playing with her 
Vet Monday if not better.

Thanks for stopping in, 


R's Rue said…
Congrats to all.
Sharon said…
Congrats! You are going to gain a son! Lovely ring!
MadSnapper said…
hope Lily is ok today, poor kitty... beautiful ring and congrats to your daughter and her fiancé. love the new jeans, I bought skinny jeans to, all my loss comes from butt and legs and leaves the top like the apple on sticks.
eileeninmd said…
Hello, congrats to your daughter and her fiancé. Cute selfies.

Happy Sunday, enjoy you day and the new week ahead.
Rhodesia said…
I worked for a vet for many years please get Lily checked as cystitis, or bladder inflammation, is usually the underlying cause of the difficulty urinating in cats. It can be serious as it can cause serious inflammation and then peeing becomes impossible. Hope to hear some good news. Diane
Liz A. said…
I hope Lily feels better soon.
NanaDiana said…
Oh yeah----Get your kitty in as fast as you can if she isn't peeing. That gets bad very quickly . Hope she is okay with treatment.
Love all your pictures and Congrats to your daughter. Engagements are always fun. xo Diana
Ann said…
I don't know how tall you are but Caleb looks super tall standing next to you. Hope Lily is better
Rain said…
Oh, poor Lily...I hope it's nothing serious Pam...please update when you can. Marlene, our mixed husky has recurring UTI's...she also is prone to bladder crystals. A special diet and daily cranberry pill helps her, but it's always a concern.

Your silly photo is great, and oh my gosh, Caleb is a big guy!!!
Awe, beautiful ring and congratulations to your girl. How exciting. Looking girl with those skinny jeans! Hugs and blessings, Cindy
Darla M Sands said…
Oh, boy. I sure hope Lily will be okay. Caleb is one good looking man. How tall is he? You don't strike me as being on the short side. And you look fantastic, my dear! I hope you feel that same way today.
Sally said…
Oh Pam, you look marvelous darlin'. I bought new jeans lately, but not a TEN. LOL

Caleb is so cute, and yes look how tall!

Congratulations to your daughter and her soon to be hubby. Yikes, April will be here very soon the way time is flying by.


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