Wizard of Oz in All Things

Okay, okay, okay...
so I am wearing the 
Wizard of Oz 
stuff out!

Just wanted to share a few more
things with you. 

Yes, with the right dress I would
wear these!
haha...only if they were in flats!
My days of heels have been 
gone for years!

When it comes to OZ its all about
the shoes!

Loving this door stop!

And you know me well enough
by now to be trying to figure
out a way to make this!

Yep, there were those days when
I worked that I felt this way!

So, so true.
Good comfy shoes and 
a dog....
or cat!

Just click 3 times and say,
"there's no place like home"

I have made no secret of 
the fact I have Fibro.
I share that with all cause
I think there are those
out there that just don't
understand what it is
to live with daily pain.

Apparently the witch
was feeling it the 
day the house dropped
on her.

And lately I feel this way more
and more.

The older I get, I sure
feel this way...
There is no place like

Which ole witch, 
the wicked witch!



And totally amazing!
I have a best friend that started
working in her mom's bakery that 
was started in the early 70's.
The whole family worked there
at a given time. Even my ex hubby
went in during the wee hours of the 
morn and made donuts!

Momma Beverly still owns
the bakery but one of her
granddaughters runs it.

But back in 2008 when it was not a 
good time to start a business
my best friend and her hubby decided
to start their own bakery. Plans
were under way before the
economy tanked so they
went on with it.

I was in fear for them but....
they have been in the black since
the day the doors opened!
They take home best bakery
in their city every yr. 

To me, cakes like the one
above is an art.
An amazing art that I 
don't do well!

Going to drop a hint for my
60th (3 more yrs that I want
this cake)! haha

Check out the nails!


I would not mind going off to
see the wizard!


Oh, I am so the good witch.

Unless you piss me off!

Check out the shoes!
Haha....I would fall off them and 
break something. Even in my young
skinny days I never wore them this

Wow...loving the chair for a little
girls room.

I started a stool years ago...
maybe I should pull it
out and work on it.

I worked with a lot of folks like
the scarecrow is talking about. 

I would totally wear this.

Cool bookmark,
also thinking how I could make one.

Might do this for my flowerbed next
yr! haha


Thank you always for dropping in,
just don't let a house drop on you
on your here!

By the way, I told you before
of the awesome two women
I worked with at the TBI...
On my 50th bday I entered the 
path to my cube. There were
flying monkeys hanging
from the ceiling and 
the best decorations in my
Never had a clue they
were working on this.

My cake was a Wizard of Oz
cake and all the unit
took the time to be a part
of my day!

I need to head up to my big
computer and pull off some
pics of that day to share with 

Maybe another time,
I will give you a break from 
Oz for a bit!

Now, follow your dreams and if that 
takes you to Oz, enjoy your
trip down the yellow brick road
and I hope you don't encounter
the Wicked Witch!


Sharon Qualls said…
I wish I shared your enthusiasm.
Pilar said…
This is a wonderful post! I love The Wizard of Oz! That charm bracelet is too cute! Thanks for stopping by my blog!
Sandra said…
I am a bad and grumpy witch today. I like red shoes and you have a lot of different kinds. if I could wear heals I would wear the solid red high heels
Sally said…
Now really, Pam, you don't like the Wizard of Oz much, do you. hahahaha I love the pics! Sometimes, I miss wearing heels but like you, I'd bust my butt in a New York minute.

I am so so sorry for the pain you have, Pam. No one should have to deal with that. Take care, and keep on keeping on!

Ann Thompson said…
So many cute things. I could never wear any of those heals.
Liz A. said…
Such fun stuff.
Kim Standard said…
Oh how cute the door stop is! The cakes are art, beautiful. We must be the same age 57 cause I will be 60 in 3 years also lol
Red Rose Alley said…
So many cute Wizard of Oz stuff. I think my favorite was that book mark with the witch's shoes, so funny. I hear ya, Pam, I can't wear high heels any more either. Bums me out, but I do wear boots with a little bit of a heel. : )


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