Wizard of Oz Halloween

I would really love drinking
my coffee out of this.

Halloween wreaths for the


And the amazing
front porch decoration!

Can't leave out the melted

Or the house on the witch

And if you want to just push
the witch in the bushes.

And then you can always
do this with your

And the costumes!

I scored big the other day
at Goodwill...

Not my size but since I have the
black and white stockings
and pool noodles!
And what will I be doing
with the noodles?
Making legs, with 
stockings on them and 
these shoes, for a house
on the witch!

Been awhile since I did a 
weight update...been sitting
at 63 lbs gone for months.
Today I was at 66.
Shame I had to get there
by doing a colon prep!

Did not eat yesterday, prep
last night and this morn.
Fibroscan done in the office
first. It is a like an ultra sound
that takes a look at the liver.
Since I had a fatty liver we
felt it was a good idea to do this.
Results Sept. 20.
Then the colon test. Scheduled
at 10:45 and finally was
taken back at 11:30, out at
12:30, home and nap. 
I hope to try and keep those
extra lbs off.
A 4mm polyp removed, 
results for that in about 
7 days. Five yrs ago a 6mm pre-
cancerous removed. 
Course I shared the fact
that I dropped 4 meds but
I don't think I shared with you
that my CPAP readings have
gone from 14 to 7!

Thanks for stopping in, 


Sally said…
Those decorations are so cute, Pam. And, I love the idea with the red shoes. :)

I hope and pray your tests come back favorably.

Debbie said…
i love halloween, those decorations are amazing!!! and that wizard of oz family, brilliant!!!

you should be very proud of your weight loss!!
Sharon Qualls said…
Hard to tell if that's a good report or not, but you said, "Yay" so it must be!

Just have to add some green ball to the Halloween decos and you'll have the holidays whipped!
Liz A. said…
I bet your Halloween decorations will be a stunner.
Denise inVA said…
Love these Halloween Decorations Pam and you are a great role model for getting the colonoscopy done. Hope you get those results back real soon.
Rhodesia said…
Love the witch on the bicycle. Seems odd to see all these decorations when I have never celebrated Halloween in any country where I have lived.

Hope all the results are good, good luck Diane
Sandra said…
so glad your crap is lower. he he he... love that cup. just to cute and the witch on the bike, oh my... love the red shoes

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