Been going out each morning 
since Saturday to go to 
my friend Theresa's house
to take care of her cat. 

With that, I have been stopping
at Exxon for coffee, but one day I 
stopped later and the real coffee
was gone. I went to the cappuccino
machine and found cinnamon
vanilla! OH MY....
Today I stopped and actually
tried English Toffee
which is also good. But
I really need to stop
this bad habit. 

Sitting here enjoying
my English Toffee.

I took this pic of Lily on her
perch hiding behind the
curtains. Love it.

After I took the pic I 
remembered catching 
Dakota looking out the
window once and when I called
him he turned and I snapped. 

Speaking of Lily the excitement 
in our house has really
amped up since she moved
in and took over! 

Twice in one week a moth
has gotten in when Dakota 
was going in and out to the 

And you know that moth did not
get by without Lily seeing it....

and chasing it.

yep....I could hear her thought
on this pic, "mom I didn't
do it"!

A couple nights later on the other
end of the couch.

Hoping my lamps hold out!

Yesterday I went to Pet Smart
to pick up Lily food. I get her
food there cause I kept her on
what she was eating when I got
her. Did not want to switch
her up on her food. 

I love going in there and looking
at the babies.

Look at this guy...

Wonder how long these 
guys would last at my house?

I could just see Lily up taking
them out of their home and
playing with them.

Talking about playing, Lily and
Dakota have been at it all 
morning. I love it. 

Anyway, this is Punky. She
is a rescue cat that my friend
Theresa took in.

She showed up over a yr ago in 
Theresa's yard. T started 
feeding her and little by little
she would get closer to the house.
Finally T started putting the food
right in the doorway leaving the 
screen open. Punky finally 
trusted enough to come in.
She now lives with T. 
But T is out of town, in Iceland
so me and another friend are
caring for Punky. 
T said we could let her out
and in the evening go let
her back in. She has been
out 2 night now.
She don't trust me or Nancy
so she will not come back in.

If you notice, Punky is missing
an eye. She was that way when
T took her in.
I will go back and see if I can
get her in again later.
She has food and water out with her.

Speaking on cat food....
I found this in Lily's treats!

Love it.

Sharing this shot with you. Took this
years ago when Caleb was young
and we were playing bubbles outside.

and these bubbles were thanks to 
a program I have on my
Took a pic of Caleb's
lava lamp and played with 
it some. 

Thanks for stopping in, 


MadSnapper said…
awesome bubble pic.. I love it when I find and old photo and love it again. lily has sure livend up LIFE in your home. I love Dakota peeking out of the curtain like Lily. hope punky is ok and comes back home.
Sharon said…
How long will your friend be gone? I hope Punky goes back into the house. At least it isn't raining ...
Cats can be really hard on lamps and knick knacks. Ha Ha.
Ann Thompson said…
Yum, english toffee. My favorite flavor is caramel macchiato. I don't drink it much any more aince our machine at work broke
Liz A. said…
Oooh, great bubble. Impressive.

I'm sure Punky will come back in... when Theresa gets home. Ah well.
Billie Jo said…
Your coffee sounds delicious!
And is that The Price is Right I see?????
Rain said…
Hi Pam :) Your pets are adorable, and the lamp photos are VERY familiar. Alex has resorted to attaching stick on velcro to the bottom of our lamps and the tables lol...it's the only way to keep them safe! I love coffee...I need to take the Tassimo back out and just deal with the price of those discs...it's a wonderful part of my day and my old dinky little coffee maker isn't cutting it! I got excited reading about your English Toffee lol!
Rhodesia said…
Lovely post again and I love your photos. The reptiles are interesting. Have a good day Diane
Anonymous said…
Coffee is tasting especially good on these slightly cooler mornings. I love animals and enjoyed hearing about all the shenanigans! Thx for your welcome back to blogging.
eileeninmd said…
Hello, I love your sweet Lily and Dakota. Punky is a pretty kitty too. I like my coffee to taste like coffee, never got into the flavored coffees. Happy Wednesday, enjoy your day!
I want that coffee! YUM! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

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