Trip to JoAnn's

Was meeting a friend for 
dinner this evening but I got
there a little early and dropped
in at JoAnn's. 

I noticed something that I was
wondering about.

Is the thing this year to wear
big pieces of jewelry?

This was a big big.

But this was bigger.

My birthstone but I could 
not wear that big piece.

I love this piece but even it 
was large.

This piece for Halloween.

All the beads!

Staying at my brothers house
this week, house/dog and bird sitting.
If my brothers bird TJ don't stop
yelling and squawking at me~
He might look like this by
the time they get home!

Kitchen towels anyone?

Remember Beanie Babies?
They have been back for a while
only they look different!
Check out those eyes!
 Found some old pics....
Me and my cousins.
Left to right back row
Margaret, Kathy, and ME...
bottom row
Becky, Tammy and Annette.

I am the only dark haired one
and boy was I styling in that 
Turned it up myself so I was trying
to start a new fad I guess.

Love this...

Thanks for stopping in, 


Rhodesia said…
You would get neck ache wearing a rock on a chain around your neck. Some of those look huge.
Take care Diane
Sharon Qualls said…
Those might make for a pretty zipper pull!
I love the chunky jewelry and the statement necklaces, but I am tall, so I can carry it! A trip through any fabric or craft store costs me too much money - haha, so I try to stay away from them. Thanks for stopping by Pandora's Box!
Rain said…
Hi Pam :) I gave up jewellery a long time ago when I stopped working, I have no clue what's in style, as I live in pajamas lol! I love the photo of you guys, very cute! And all those Halloween things! I want! :)
Ann Thompson said…
I dont follow trends and its a good thing because i wouldnt like the huge jewelry. That would be kind of funny to see the look on your brothers face if he came home to that bird skeleton
eileeninmd said…
Hello, I am not much of a jewelry person. I wear my wedding ring and that is it. I remember the Beanie Babies being really popular. I love seeing old photos, they are fun and great memories too. Have a happy day and new week ahead!
I am not much of a 'chunky' jewelry fan for me but others seem to be able to pull it off. JoAnn's always trips me up with all of their holiday décor not to mention all of the fabric and pretty stuff haha! That's a great picture of you. Nothing like the old days of film hahaha!
Debbie said…
i don't wear jewelry, except for my wedding ring and little diamond stud earrings. i have not taken them off, except for cleaning in maybe 10 years. i have a lot of beanie babies, not i give them away to anyone who will take them!!!

we house sat once for someone who had a big bird, i can't believe i didn't kill it!!!
Liz A. said…
I think statement necklaces have been a thing for a while. Not that I do in for that sort of thing, but some people do.
They all look beautiful though they are big. I think they are called sweater necklace here.
Just the weight of these pieces of jewelry would make me stoop-shouldered in a day's time.
But must admit I like the Halloween stuff. I'm crazy over Halloween.

Now...moving on....PLOT TWIST!!!
Jimmy said…
I don't see how anyone could wear jewelry that huge, just the weight doesn't make sense to me, even though I don't wear this type of jewelry I still think of the comfort that you would lose by wearing some of these.

I love the picture you found from your childhood.
Jeanie said…
I'm not big on the big jewelry but I am big on Joanns! They always have fun stuff!

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