Today so Far

This morning I did not go to 
Theresa's house to check 
on Punky....
because I got Punky back
in last night!

So I am doing my coffee 
at home.
I am a flavored coffee drinker
so right now I have Hazelnut
creamer in my coffee. 
Must admit I miss my cinnamon
Addicted for sure.

Back to Punky, Theresa's cat.
She is a rescue that picked
T for her new owner.
She just started showing up.
She is not ferrel and pretty
sure she had a home and maybe
she got lost during a storm
or something. She is not trusting
at all. The first day I tried
to get her in, she was coming but
looked up and realized I 
was not T.

T was pretty sure that she 
would not let me even pet 
her, and picking her up 
is something Punky don't 
She let me pet, rub and 
scratch her while we
were outside but she
would not walk past me to
go in. So....I just picked her
up and took her in!
Punky is not going back
out until T gets back but
I will go feed her this evening. 

Fall verse Halloween...
I make it a point to not put my
Halloween stuff out till Oct. 1...

It got the better of me, so 
yesterday I started working
on putting my Halloween 
stuff out.

Here is my fall decoration
with the pumpkin face facing
the wall....same with the little
on in front of the lantern.

I turned the little bitty one around.

And here is the larger one.
I have had this one for years...
since my kids were young.

Another pumpkin facing the wall.

And now it is turned around.
This one sets on a metal 
candle holder to lift
it up.

I made this several years ago to 
set on my desk at work
and put candy in it.

I thought I gave it away so 
I made another
I have two. This one is
inside and I will sever my 
candy from it on Halloween

I also put these out. 
I made these last yr from scrap wood.

Also on a piece of scrap wood.

I started doing the outside but the 
Fibro fatigue took over
and I napped so I hope
to finish that up today.

Speaking about today, I am 
actually getting dressed up to
go off this afternoon!
I love doing that!!

A man that I think the world
of that was my boss in 
Medicaid Fraud with
the TBI is retiring (from
there) and moving to another job.
Norman is an awesome guy,
fair and such a great boss. 
I will be returning to the Bureau 
for his retirement. 

And with that....seeing my 
Partners in Crime!
Deb, Cindy and I 
together in the same place....
where it all started!


Thanks for stopping in, 


eileeninmd said…
Hello, I love all your pumpkins and decorations. So glad you and Punky are getting along. Enjoy your afternoon outing. Have a happy day!
Billie Jo said…
Love your Halloween decorations!
We are putting ours up on Friday!!!
Have a cozy day. : )
Sharon said…
Really glad to hear that Punky came home and you have her inside the house where she's safe. No Halloween stuff here to speak of, Just a gourd and a couple of black cats.
Liz A. said…
I meant to say earlier, I like your new blog design.

Glad that Punky got in. It's not too early for Halloween decor. People seem to be starting it early this year.
Rain said…
All dressed up! Have fun :)
I love your pumpkins and the signs, especially the witch one! :) By the way, did you notice that instead of typing "I will SERVE my candy on it Halloween night" you wrote "I will SEVER my candy..." I thought that was a brilliant slip lol...I was thinking you were going to tell me about putting a severed head in there! ;)
Pilar said…
What fun Halloween Decorations! I need to start getting my decorations out soon!
MadSnapper said…
have fun and try not to think of the punkins you have left facing the wall, waiting to be turned around on OCT 1s. my hubby will be 81 on Oct 1st and alas we have nary a punking in the house except for Jake, I call him punkin more than Jake.
Rhodesia said…
So glad Punky is back home. Great to meet up with your ex work mates sure it will be fun. Take care Diane
Ann Thompson said…
I love flavored creamer and I've been using white chocolate raspberry for quite a while. I may have to change for the season though
Darla M Sands said…
I hope you're feeling better. ~hugs~ It made me laugh to read how you're going to 'sever' your Halloween candy. I paused to read again before realizing you meant 'serve'. What a perfect slip considering the holiday. LOL
NanaDiana said…
Pam, LOL- I thought I was the only one that turned my pumpkins around before (and after) Halloween. How funny...a kindred soul. Glad you are celebrating with your old boss-that is always a fun time.
Hope Punky does well---I am sure he/she(?) will. xo Diana
Rue said…
Hi Pam :)

So glad you got the cat to come back in!

I know what you mean about Halloween decorating. I have one lone ceramic pumpkin that I put out on the first day of fall and that's pretty much it until October first.

I hope you had a great time with your friends!

Oh you make me want that coffee lol. You are talented with all the pumpkins and signs. Arent reunions so fun? hope you had a good evening
Jeanie said…
Glad Punky is A-OK and I love your decorations.

I usually don't till October 1 either but I relented with pumpkins and leaves this week and Halloween will come next week!
Red Rose Alley said…
I seldom have the flavored coffees, Pam. I should try them sometime. I know what you mean about putting the Halloween stuff out. I've been thinking of doing the same. I usually wait til October, like you. I enjoyed looking at all your Halloween goodies.


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