This and That - Pics From Facebook

Been trying to clean up
some of my albums in
facebook and I ran 
across this one..

This is what can happen when
your cube is next to mine
at work and you leave your
desk for a bit!

Cindy never knew what to expect.

My brother makes some really
cool metal things. I have
a dragonfly and an artist, my
son's best friend in California
saw them on facebook and 
wanted a spider. 

I had my brother make him 
one and Russ would take
it places he went and take
a pic of it and would tage
me on fb. 

He took it hiking.

and to Hawaii. 

This is from a scanned photo
I put of facebook years ago.

My daughter holding up her
United States shapped
pork chop.

It amazes me how places are 
built in Calif., on a hill
stacked up together.

This is one of my fav
pics. Taken at Mount
Helix in Calif. 
Took this in 2013.

My silly youngest brother.
He is a mess.

And it runs in the family...
my mom

This is my bud Phil. 
I met Phil when I went to work 
for Photo Services for the State 
of Tn. He was our young 
photographer. Phil let Photo
Service to become the photographer
for the TBI, six months before I 
went over there. 

Phil moved up and on at the 
TBI and he became the sketch
artist there.
This is him getting ready
for an Admin Conference for 
the Bureau. I am describing 
someone to him and he is
sketching him.

I could not locate the pic of what
he drew but I will keep looking. 

Update on Tennessee and Harvey,
we got a lot of rain with more
today. The creek stayed in the banks 
and we are fine. 
Thanks for the caring words.

Just something to keep in 
mind when you are in the 
shower singing....

Thanks for stopping in, 


Sharon Qualls said…
Like that spider. (It's about the only kind I do like)

Rain is thinning now, I just am thankful it wasn't snow!
Sandra said…
love the spider and the photos he took of it. and cool porkchop. I have not seen the stacked houses except in photos and movies but I love them. my brother lives in Augusta GA and they have homes built up and down, not exactly stacked but different. driving on one road we look down on the roofs, on another and they are above
Kim Standard said…
Funny how I blogged about spiders today also. Mine was a phobia thing tho. Your brother is cute. I love the cross in CA.
Rhodesia said…
I am not a spider fan but I like that one. Your pics of your 'silly' brother and Mum made me laugh. Take it easy Diane
Sally said…
Interesting photos, Pam. Those houses in California are looking "stacked" up for lack of a better word.

So glad you didn't have too much trouble with Harvey. Such a sad, sad thing for the loss of lives, homes, animals. Hurts my heart.

Ann Thompson said…
Cool spider. Fun seeing its travels. Love that last one about singing in the shower
Liz A. said…
Soap opera--*snort*
Billie Jo said…
Glad you are safe and sound.
And still laughing at the "soap' opera!!!
Have a cozy weekend!

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