The House

Staying at my brothers home while
they travel is like being in the
most fantastic hotel. 
Check out the shower.
Five outlets for the water
to pour from. 

Of course Lily loved the 
sink most of all!

I kind of love that sink myself. 

The tub....with a whirlpool!
So nice.

Great design, the washroom is
actually in the closet which is the 
size of one of my bedrooms.

The other side of the room.
Wash, fold and hang up!

The bedroom. 
Deck off the
of my fav places. The deck
is right next to the woods.

Hall from bedroom to great room, 
kitchen, dining room and formal 
living room.

Kitchen and dining.

Great room. 

Failed to take a pic of the living room.
And if that is not enough...there is another
great room downstairs that my sis in law
uses as a sewing room. 
A sitting room off that, two large
bedrooms, a game room and a theater

This was an old ranch style home that
my brother owned. He went in and 
gutted it. Took down walls, combined
3 bedrooms to make the one, the closet and 
the bath. 
Amazing work done by him and my
nephew and hired hands. 

Dakota stayed at mom's my last
two days house sitting. I got
home Friday, unloaded the car
and asked Lily did she
want to go with me to 
get Dakota...

this was her reply!

Thanks for stopping in, 


Sally said…
Beautiful home, and yeah wouldn't we all like a shower and tub like those. :)

Lily is happy right where she is, I see.

Jeanie said…
If your brother needs a housesitter, let me know! Seriously, it's gorgeous. And I love that Lily made herself at home so quickly!
Sharon Qualls said…
Nice house, lots of room. I like the bathroom.
Debbie said…
It is stunning and still warm and inviting!!!
Goodness!! How could you NOT enjoy being there!! That is beautiful! I can't imagine what it would be like to have all of that space haha. Our home of 23 years is 1100 square feet but I am grateful for what we have and we were able to raise our three kids here quite comfortably (although I DO wish we have a second floor!) Thank you for sharing your 'retreat' with us!
Ann Thompson said…
The only thing missing is room service. Beautiful home
Darla M Sands said…
Wow. Family like you make it home, too. ~hugs~ Hope you are well.
Jan said…
Very beautiful home. Modern yet warm and inviting.
Lily looks contented and well rested 💮
Liz A. said…
Stunning home. Did your brother design that remodel or did he hire someone to?
Red Rose Alley said…
Wow, your brother's home is very nice. Love the bathroom sink. He did a lot of work on the house, and it looks great. I can see why you enjoyed your time there.

Pilar said…
Your brothers home is beautiful! That bathroom is really nice!
Kim Standard said…
Beautiful home, nice place to house sit lol
Cathy Kennedy said…

Thanks for popping in for a visit last week. I apologize for the slow revisit. Life was hectic at the week's end. Phew, now for a new week and what's this the month is half gone? Can someone tell me how THAT happened? Anywho, your brother's home is impressive. I love the shower! Mez want!! If you like mewsic, please join me on the dance floor with Monday's Music Moves Me! ;)
Rhodesia said…
Looks like a lovely home, bet you are happy to stay there from time to time :-) Take care Diane
Oh my, their home is absolutely gorgeous!
Red Rose Alley said…
Oh Yes, I remember these pictures. Those hard wood floors are gorgeous, and it's so spacious. I love that bathroom sink too. It's a dream of mine to live out in the country someday and have a ranch style home. Thanks for passing these along, Pam.


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