Saying Goodbye

Last week I reported about going to the 
funeral home for a guy that graduated
from my school. I knew him many
years ago as well as his brothers, 
plus I know his sis in law and his dad.
He was 60 and gone after fighting 
cancer for a year. So sad. 

Today I will be going to visitation 
for the daughter of a friend of mine.
Shelia and I have known each other
since grade school. We live in the
same neighborhood. Her 25 year old
daughter was killed in a car accident
over the weekend. Way to young to
be taken from her family.

And tomorrow I will be attending
visitation for Martha. She is the 
sister of another friend I have known
since grade school. Plus her cousin, 
Cindy, I saw yesterday 
at Norman's retirement, she is one of 
my partners in crime.
from the TBI.
My brother and her brother were
also good friends. 
Martha had a stroke about 2
months ago and has suffered since.
I feel for this family so much.

When you graduate from such
a close knit school you try to 
be there for others in need.

This is surely a time to be 
thankful for what I have. 

Thank you for stopping in, 


MadSnapper said…
Just reading about these three dinner ones that have gone on from this life makes me so much appreciate what I have what I still have as I sit here listening to the Hara and Puerto Rico
Sharon said…
It is sad to see our friends go, but we are of an age when this happens more frequently than we'd like. It's even sadder when we lose the young people ...
Sally said…
Life is just so hard sometimes. I've lost many friends also, and it breaks my heart.

I'll be thinking of you, Pam.

Liz A. said…
Wow. So sorry. That's a lot of people to lose in such a short time. (I notice that it's a grouping of three...)
Jeanie said…
That is such a lot of loss at one time, Pam. I'm so sorry.
Red Rose Alley said…
Oh Pam, I'm so sorry to hear of the loss of your dear ones. Thinking of you tonight in this time of sorrow.

Darla M Sands said…
Wow! Don't forget to take care of yourself, my generous friend. My prayers go out to those suffering. Be well.
Debbie said…
so sorry to hear of your loss - very sad!!!
Rhodesia said…
Such sad news, thoughts are with you and your friends. Hope despite this you have a great weekend, Diane

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