Deers/Rocks/Block Pumpkins

Oh my gosh....doesn't it look yummy?
Cheese Ravioli.
Saturday night I met a friend at Olive
Garden. They have this special going 
where on certain meals you can order
one meal and take one home.
I got Fettuccine Alfredo to eat and 
this to take home. Actually a great deal
esp. for me since I eat so little. 
I got three meals from my Fettuccine and
two from this Ravioli. 

My sis in law has been feeding apples
to the deers for a couple of months 
now. I was told that if I would go out
without dogs around 8:30 they would be
At first there was a mom and a baby.
Then later there were two doe's. 

Well yesterday I slept till nine since I 
had a rough night. I looked out the
window and there stood 8 doe and 
one fawn. 

I texted my brother and asked what the
heck Lori had done? haha....
I threw out apples to them and 
some strawberries. 

I brought paints and items to 
my brothers house to stay
busy with.

In Sept 2015 (2 yrs ago) I went to 
Gatlinburg, Pigeon Forge and 
Sevierville.  I picked up rocks to 
paint on for my garden while there.
I finally painted them Saturday

 Yesterday, Monday I worked on this.

Thought I would leave it here for my
brother and Lori. 

These cute pumpkins I made the 
other day at home but had to 
put the sticks on the top.
Brought them to Ray's to finish
them up. 
I love how they came out. 

Since I am away from home
I have not been sleeping
all that great. Then the 
weather changed and 
got cooler and damp....
with that the Fibro
kicked in.
Today I have been
in bed all day. 
Took some muscle
relaxers to help with
pain and I have totally
slept all day...
bout to curl up and sleep 

Hope you are all doing 

Thanks for stopping in, 


Sharon Qualls said…
Nice pic of deer. I tell you - this is great weather to stay in bed. Feel better soon. I'm going to bed real soon.
Nasreen said…
I loved the they kept coming with more! Awesome photos, thanks for sharing!
Rhodesia said…
I see in the news that Lady GaGa is fighting with fibromyalgia as well.
Love the work you do and you have such great ideas.
I love it that you have whole herd of deer arriving on your doorstep but don't they damage the garden. Take care Diane
eileeninmd said…
Hello, the Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge area is very pretty. I would think it is beautiful with all the fall trees. The deers must love all the apples and food, what a sight to see. I became familiar with the painted rocks when we lived in Lakeland Florida for 5 months. There was a group of people painting the rocks and leaving them all around the city for people to find. The children loved looking for the rocks, it was a happy thing. Your rocks and craft projects are so pretty. I was I was creative. I hope you feel better!
Have a happy day!
Jeanie said…
I love the idea of getting rocks from special places and painting them to make them a special souvenir! Fun!

LOVE those deer!
Rain said…
Hi Pam :)) I love those pumpkins!!! How creative! Your ravioli...gaaaaahhhh....anything with melted cheese gets me going lol. You're so lucky to have deer so close, I remember when I lived more in the Appalachian mountains, one of my neighbours left apples out every weekend for the deer and I benefited with the view!
Liz A. said…
Interesting boxes. Sorry your fibro is acting up. I hope it settles down soon.
Ann Thompson said…
That ravioli looks seriously good. I've made pumpkins with the 2x4's before but mine were just plain orange. I like yours better

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